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Arts of Asia in the Classroom 

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2017 - Year of the Rooster

Discover how the New Year is celebrated by families in Asia, and about the Chinese Zodiac animals and how they were chosen. We have Rooster projects for grades K-5. 

Chinese Paintings

Traditional Chinese painting or “Guo Hua” is an ancient art form developed thousands of years ago. Similar to calligraphy, the painting is done by applying a brush dipped in ink on rice paper or silk.

The project will take two classes: during the first class, students will be introduced to Chinese painting and will practice combinations of strokes to paint cranes and roosters. The second day students will add Chinese writing and use Styrofoam to make a square print in red as a signature. 

2016 - Year of the Monkey

Spring 2016--In celebrating the year of the monkey, learn about the legend of Monkey King and how to paint a Monkey king mask. We also have paper monkey projects appropriate for grades K-5. 

About Monkey King (Journey to the West)

Journey to the West is one of the greatest classical novels of Chinese literature. Sun Wukong, also known as Monkey King, is the main character in the novel. It is based on the historical account of Monk Xuanzang's pilgrimage to bring Buddhist teachings from Indian to China. Through numerous mythical adventures of the pilgrimage, the novel depicts many Taoist and Confucius teachings, as well as a growing influence of Buddhism in China. 

Monkey King in Beijing Opera

The story of Journey to the West is adapted in movies, cartoons, comic books. It is also one of China's most popular Beijing Operas. A scenic art integrating music, performance, literature and face-painting, Beijing Opera is a form of traditional Chinese theater. 

Monkey King Puppet Craft

Body Template (137K)- print on red cardstock

Face Template (152K)- print on white cardstock

Crown Template (79.3K)- print on yellow cardstock

Craft Demonstration Video (Youtube)

Class Lesson (.ppt, 47.2M)

2015 - Year of the Sheep

Discover how the New Year is celebrated by families in Asia, and about the Chinese Zodiac animals and how they were chosen. We have a simple sheep project appropriate for children grades 3 and under and a more complex sheep head hat for grades 4 through adults.

- Template (.pdf, 64.4K)

- Instructions (.ppt, 17.8M)

2014 - Year of the Horse

Discover how the New Year is celebrated by families in Asia, and learn about the Chinese Zodiac animals and how they were chosen. Feel free to use our 3-dimensional horse head project, made from 8 1/2 x 11 card stock.

- Template (.pdf, 52.9K)

- Instructions (.ppt, 8.0M)

- Class Lesson (.ppt, 67.2M)

Chinese Spring Lantern

Lunar New Year marks the beginning of spring in East Asia. This fold and cut three-dimensional paper lantern represents "Chun" the Mandarin character for spring, and is a traditional New Year decoration. For grades three and up.

- How-to Video (Youtube)

-Instruction Sheet (.pdf, 69.5K)

Template (.pdf, 540.6K)

- Class Lesson (.ppt, 15.9M) 

-Workshop Photos (.pdf, 129.8K)

Chinese Dragon  

A traditional symbol of strength, protection and good luck, our dragon puppets are created with a handprint head. A paper bag puppet is for grades pre-K to four. A more complex puppet with a Chinese paper-cut body, is for kids and adults, grades five and up. Adults love to make these, as well.

- Instruction Sheet (.pdf,139.8K)

-Templates (.pdf, 126.5K)

-Head (.pdf, 126.5K)

-Body (.pdf, 326.3K)

-Tail and Claws (.pdf, 153.1K)

-Workshop Photos (.pdf, 153.4K)

- Workshop Video (.pub, 1.5M)

Lotus Flowers

The Lotus flower has been an important image in many cultures from ancient times until today, from Turkey to Korea and all across Asia. The lotus has been associated with rebirth, gods and goddesses, and featured in many stories and legends. The lotus is also the national flower of India. We can do a variety of lotus projects suitable for a wide range of ages, kids and adults.

- Instructions Video (.wmv, 70.7M)

 Class Lesson (.ppt, 60.7M)

- Handout (.pdf, 234.2K)

Rabbit Lantern for Mid-Autumn Moon Festival

Discover how the Moon Festival is celebrated by families in the USA and in China, and learn about the legend of the Jade Rabbit on the moon. For Mid-Autumn Moon Festival, students create an adorable rabbit lantern with a glow stick. For grades three and up.

-Instructions (.pptx, 13.5M)

- Template (.pdf, 685.6K)

- Class Lesson (.ppt, 6.3M)


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