The IAAD initiatives encompass the Institutes mission of enhancing Asia related research, promoting economic development and serving the local Asian American community. Towards these ends the IAAD provides three different types of initiatives:


IAAD draws on the expertise of over 40 faculty members across the university related to Asia (East, South, Southwest, and Central) and Asian Diasporas. Their areas of research and/or teaching include:

  • East Asian literature, linguistics, culture, philosophy and film
  • History, geography economic theory, women and gender, political economy and social structures
  • Asian American literature and culture, diasporas and history

Economic Development

The institute expresses its commitment to the economic development of Greater Binghamton by forming partnerships with various development entities and providing a range of services and resources, including:

  • Conversational language tutorials in business Chinese
  • Market and country analyses
  • Customized workshops
  • Asian cultural awareness workshops
  • Asian economic and business assessments
  • Asian American community-based research data and collection
  • Adult and community education
  • Community-based cultural events
  • Graduate and undergraduate interns

Community Outreach

The IAAD focuses on partnering with Asian and Asian American civic groups and public educators to provide an array of educational and cultural services.

  • Technical Assistance
  • Educational and Tutorial services
  • Asian cultural awareness workshops
  • Undergraduate Interns