Special Education Programs at ICD

The staff at the ICD is composed of individuals from a variety of disciplines, including special education, adaptive physical education, speech-language therapy, social work, occupational therapy, psychology (clinical psychology and school psychology), nursing, applied behavior analysis, and educational administration. We also contract for the services of a physical therapist for children who have physical therapy services on their IEP. During the Binghamton University academic year, select undergraduate and graduate students are also a part of our service team, under the supervision of our professional staff. 

Calendar and Facility Operating Schedule

The CUTE programs operate on a 10-month schedule during the regular school year from September-June, similar to that of other local public schools. CUTE programs are also open for a 2-month schedule for Extended School Year (ESY) services from July-August (6- week summer session). This means children with IEP authorization for both the 10-month (180 days) and 2- month (30 days) programs would participate in our educational program fora total of 210 days from September through the following August. We advise families to compare our calendar with the calendar for their school district. Sometimes there are differences in scheduled days off (i.e., Superintendent’s Day, staff conference days), which may impact transportation arrangements for your child.

For more inforomation about the C.U.T.E. programs please visit the links below.

Preschool Program for children ages 3-5 years old

School Age Program for children ages 5-11 years old