Child & Adolescent Diagnostic & Consultation Clinic

The Child & Adolescent Diagnostic and Consultation Clinic (CADCC) is a specialty clinic of ICD designed to meet the diverse community needs for expanded evaluation and consultation services.

Diagnostic Evaluations

CADCC accepts referrals for diagnostic evaluations from school districts or by parent referral for children between 5-15 years old. The reason we do not evaluate younger children is because there are community supports for evaluation of children under five years of age, and such evaluation services are available through ICD’s Children’s Unit for Treatment and Evaluation program.

CADCC’s specialization is evaluation of Autism Spectrum Disorder, but we are also able to evaluate for ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabilities, and mood and anxiety disorders of childhood.

School districts who are interested in pursuing an evaluation through this process should contact Dr. Rachel Cavalari at or call 607-777-2829 for more information. Parents may also reach out to CADCC, but before doing so we encourage parents to review the CADCC Private Pay Evaluation Services consent form. Please download the consent form here. 

We are unable to accept physician referrals and cannot bill insurance. All payments are made by check or money order following completion of various steps in the evaluation process. Families who pursue private pay evaluation with us are welcome to request an invoice to submit to their insurance company for reimbursement should they choose to do so.

Consultation Services

CADCC contracts with school districts to provide specific, time-limited consultation for individual students or teaching teams, as well as classroom-wide or program-wide needs. Consultation topics include management of instructional supports, expert training in effective techniques to support individuals with ASD, and meeting the needs of children with ASD in the district setting. Services may include didactic training and workshops, on-site team coaching, expert therapeutic direct guidance to
the student, and recommendations for guided reading and additional training resources. The aim of CADCC consultation is to support districts in serving students in their district by bringing additional supports to their talented teams rather than considering a change of student placement as the only alternative to meet a need. We have had numerous successful consultation cases with many local and rural districts in the Southern Tier of NY within the last year, and we are excited to continue building those relationships in support of the students and staff in our school systems.

Preliminary meetings will be scheduled with interested parties to determine if the scope of the request is within our bounds of service, what deliverables will be generated and goals achieved by the consultation, and any schedules or follow-up plans along with associated fees. School districts who are interested in our consultation services should reach out to us at 607-777-2829 and ask to speak with Dr. Jennifer Gillis Mattson.