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The Human Rights Institute promotes excellence and innovation in faculty research across disciplines and develops high-impact student engagement in human rights issues.

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The Binghamton University Human Rights Institute (HRI) advances research, teaching and community engagement in human rights. We bring a transdisciplinary human rights perspective to important social problems and contribute to evidence-based policymaking as well as critical discourses in human rights. Drawing upon Binghamton University's research excellence and New York state's rich history advocating and advancing human rights, the HRI develops initiatives with rights-based perspectives to impact public policy in New York state, the United States and internationally. We welcome new affiliates.

HRI News & Publications

  • JUST PUBLISHED! Art as Survival and Resistance: Guantánamo in the Global War on Terror
  • JUST PUBLISHED! The Guantanamo Artwork and Testimony of Moath al-Alwi: Deaf Walls Speak
  • JUST PUBLISHED! Landscapes of Injustice, Landscapes of Repair Dispatches, Studies in Social Justice
  • See videorecordings and resources from our Landscapes of Injustice, Landscapes of Repair seminar series!
  • "Interns boost immigration services in local nonprofit" -- Read about our partnership in the American Civic Association in downtown Binghamton.
  • Read about Harpur College's Public Interest Law Internships, featuring our human rights students who interned at the Refugee Hub at Sheffield Hallam University last summer. Four students assisted in the law clinic to reunite refugee families in Britain. Read the full story in BingUNews
  • Co-director Moore published a dossier of essays on Cultural Renditions of Guantanamo and the War on Terror in the Winter issue of Humanity (UPENN Press). The issue features Moore's introductory essay along with contributions from scholars and former detainees Mansoor Adayfi and Mohamedou Ould Slahi Houbeini.
  • HRI co-director David Cingranelli co-authored an article on a new data set that analyzes countries’ human rights over several decades, published by The Conversation  on January 26th.  
  • Videos from our collaborations with the Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice are now available on our YouTube channel, HRI&HKC, @hrihkc8261. See the presentations and keynotes from our conferences!
  • New dossier on WOMEN, CLIMATE, INSECURITY, edited by Alexandra Moore (Binghamton University) and Sunita Toor (Sheffield Hallam University)! Read about international climate protection instruments, climate change and maternal health, children's right to climate justice, and more in Open Global Rights.
  • See coverage in Pipedream of our event on "Aslyum Stories and Patients' Rights in New York State," hosted by Dr. Anne-Caroline Sieffert of Romance Languages.
  • Congratulations to Johanna Seppala, Leah Wardlaw, and Olivia Vinson, winners of this year's Undergraduate Research Essay Award! See our STUDENTS page for details.
  • An interview with Professor David Cingranelli, Co-Director of the HRI, on advice for students considering human rights careers.
  • Congratulations to Aliana Sheers on the publication of her essay, "Telltale Marks: Looking Beyond Censorship at Guantanamo," in Alpenglow vol. 6, issue 1.
  • Women, Peace and Security Dossier in Open Global Rights - click the link to see essays developed from our spring conference
  • BingUNews feature about three students' work at a Refugee Family Reunification Clinic in Britain last summer: Students Work to Reunite Refugees with Families. Congratulations to Rachel DiSibio, Lizzie Nutig and Daniel Singh Guzman on their outstanding work.

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