Awards & Publications


  • Congratulations to Aliana Sheers on the publication of her essay, "Telltale Marks: Looking Beyond Censorship at Guantanamo," in Alpenglow vol. 6, issue 1 (2021).
  • Congratulations to HMRT 276 students Eliezer Ugarte, Dylan Fay, Alyssa Pugh, Veronica Rich, and Caroline Sandleitner whose work was published in the print edition of the Binghamton Law Quarterly, vol. 6, issue 2 (Spring 2020). See the electronic version of vol. 5, issue 2 for essays by HMRT 276 (spring 2019) students Kripa Mathew and Adrian Erazo.

First-Year Student Excellence Award for Research in Human Rights

  • 2022-2023 Winners

Abigail Connors, "More to the Story than the U.S. Constitution"

Robert Rose and Abigail Rothleder, "Navigating Systemic Limitations on Public Defense"

  • 2020-21 Winners

Johanna Seppala and Leah Wardlaw, "Hidden Behind the Veil of 'Social Responsibility': Forced Labor in Xinjiang" (Mentor, Dr. Laura T. Murphy)

Olivia Vinson, "The Literary Remnants of Torture: An Examination into the United States Censorship Regime" (Mentor, Dr. Alexandra Moore)

  • 2019-20 Winners

Eliezer Ugarte, "Melting Glaciers Threaten Indigenous Andean Cultures" (Mentor, Dr. Ami Bar-On)

Caroline Sandleitner, "Girls' Right to Education in India: Bridging the Gap Between Intention and Implementation" (Mentors, Dr. Lourdes Peroni and Dr. Alexandra Moore)

  • 2018-19 Winners

Jordan Hutt and Eliza Klingler, "Predicting Mass Atrocities"    (Mentor, Dr. David Cingranelli)

Graduate Excellence Award for Research in Human Rights

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