Information Technology Services Governance

ITS Governance and Committees

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Instructional and Educational Technology Committee (IETC)

1. to advise the Faculty Senate, the Chief Information Officer for Information Technology Services - ITS, and the administration on matters of The Technology Hub policy and administration, and

2. to serve as a liaison between the faculty and the Technology Hub.

Instructional and Educational Technology Committee is a Joint Committee between the Provost and the Faculty Senate as described in Article IV, Title B. 2. of the Faculty Bylaws.

Instructional and Educational Technology Committee consists of fourteen members total, the Provost who is Chair, the Vice Provost for Administration, the Associate Vice President for Computing and Educational Technology, seven faculty drawn from various schools and the Library, two additional members chosen by the Provost, a graduate student, and an Undergraduate Student.

Chair: Donald E. Hall, Provost
Chair: Donald Loewen, Vice Provost ex-officio member
Niyazi Bodur, CIO, ITS
David Schuster, University Libraries
Tongshu Ma, SOM
Yvonne Johnston, Decker School of Nursing
Dikran Karagueuzian, Harpur/Science and Math/Mathematics
Kenneth Chiu, Watson/Computer Science
Pamela Mischen, President ex-officio member
James Pitarresi, Provost ex-officio member
Andrew Tucci (non-voting)
Michael Behun, Deputy CIO, ITS
Christoph Grewer
Harold Zils