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The Libraries' manuscript collections include original materials of local, regional, and international interest. Subject areas represented are chiefly related to history and literature. The major collections, in alphabetical order, are listed below. Finding Aids for most of these collections are available in Special Collections.
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Selected Manuscript Collections

Warren M. Anderson Papers

The Anderson Papers pertain to legislation introduced in the New York State Senate by Senator Warren Anderson during the years 1971-1984. Included in the collection are 906 bills, supporting documents and correspondence relating to some of the bills.
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David Bernstein Papers

Bernstein had a rich and varied career as an editor, public relations specialist, journalist and publisher. The extensive collection of his papers (1915-1974) includes correspondence, personal papers, business records, scrapbooks, diaries, clippings and editorials relating to his career with the Office of War Information; American Jewish Committee; Federal Security Agency; the Middletown (N.Y.) Daily Record; and the Binghamton Sun-Bulletin. Also included are papers concerning his role as an advisor to Philippine governments during and after World War II and to Adlai Stevenson's 1956 presidential campaign.

Lamont M. Bowers Papers

Lamont M. Bowers (1847-1941) was an inventor, businessman and manufacturer in Binghamton and Broome County; real estate developer and land agent in Nebraska; and manager and confidential representative of Rockefeller enterprises in Ohio and Colorado. The Lamont Montgomery Papers consist of 33 linear feet of his personal and business papers.
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Arthur A. Cohen Collection

The Arthur A. Cohen Collection consists of concert programs, newspaper clippings and other memorabilia primarily from German and Polish (Wrocław, then Breslau) theaters, operas, and symphonies, although there are also some from France and Austria. All material in this collection is from 1911-1925.
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Civil War Collections

Sixteen separate collections totaling 30 linear feet of personal papers, photographs, diaries and other papers pertaining to the Civil War. This collection also includes 19th-century government documents from Tioga County.
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Padraic and Mary Colum Collections 

Manuscripts, notebooks, and correspondence of the noted Irish poet and playwright and his wife, a short story writer and critic.
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Charles M. Dickinson Papers

Nine linear feet of personal papers, including letters and poems, of the prominent lawyer and diplomat, whose experience as editor of the Binghamton Republic led to his interest in politics and his career in the diplomatic corps. Charles Dickinson studied law under the distinguished local lawyer, Daniel S. Dickinson.
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Daniel S. Dickinson Papers

One linear foot of correspondence regarding the erection in 1924 of a statue honoring the Binghamton lawyer, Daniel Dickinson, who led a long and distinguished career in local and state politics between 1834-1866.
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Byres H. Gitchell Collection, 1916-1936

The Gitchell Collection consists of correspondence, newspaper articles, publications and documents largely relating to Gitchell's service in the United States Department of War and his time as chairman of the Dress Code Authority, under the National Recovery Administration. Gitchell was born in Horseheads, NY and was a graduate of Binghamton High School.
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George E. Green Letter Collection

The George E. Green Letter Collection contains correspondence, financial and legal records and documents relating to business dealings between George E. Green and John P. Fiebig. The collection dates to 1900-1916 and pertains to Early 20th century business/ manufacturing, New York State history, local history of the Greater-Binghamton area and the founding of International Business Machines (IBM).

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George E. Green Letter Digital Collection

Hazard Lewis Farms Collection

Materials related primarily to the Hazard Lewis Farm which was situated on Route 17, one mile west of the City of Binghamton (in Vestal). Binghamton University is now located on the site.
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E. Herman Hespelt Papers, 1910-1916

Materials related to Binghamton-born Ernest Herman Hespelt (1886-1961). The materials in this collection date from 1910-1916 and include letters to his family, written in German and English, concerning Cornell University, his 1910 trip to Germany, his life in the Philippines, and his personal and professional plans. Also postcards, invitations, photographs, stamps, and memorabilia, chiefly from the Philippines.
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Graham Hodges Collection

The Graham Hodges Collection contains correspondence, newspaper articles, and documents pertaining the $500 million bond issue referendum for financing New York State prisons and consequent campaigns for and it in 1981-1982.
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Mark Kulikowski Collection

The Mark Kulikowski Collection is a diverse collection of historical material from and about the Broome County region. The collection consists of area newsletters, programs, bulletins, newspapers, booklets, magazines, music and music scores, posters and flyers, photographs, postcards, memorabilia and artifacts. Over 190 books about local businesses, industries, municipalities, churches and life in the Broome County area are also part of the collection.

Mark Kulikowski, who grew up in the Triple Cities region and is an alumnus of the State University of New York at Binghamton, has been donating materials to the Local History Collection since 2007, in an effort to aid in the preservation of this region's history. The Mark Kulikowski Collection continues to enhance, as well as, compliment materials currently housed in the Local History Collection.
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Henry Antoine Jules-Bois Collection

One linear foot of the personal papers and manuscripts of the French scholar, playwright, and poet.
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Mary Lavin Collection

Correspondence of the Irish-American short story writer and her literary colleagues.
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Edwin A. Link and Marion Clayton Link Collections

The papers of Edwin A. Link, a collection of business papers, photographs, correspondence and scientific writings of the local inventor, industrialist and pioneer in aviation simulation, underwater archaeology, and ocean engineering; the Marion Clayton Link Collection, consisting mainly of logs and journals which she kept during scientific expeditions with her husband Ed Link, and manuscripts and drafts of her publications; the Link Foundation Collection, consisting of minutes of meetings, financial records and papers having to do with grants awarded by the Foundation; the Link-Hughes Collection, papers and photographs received from Hughes Training, Inc., having to do with the early history of the Link enterprises.
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The Edwin A. Link, Jr. Digital Archives

Tilly Losch Collection

Tilly Losch (1904-1975) was an accomplished dancer, actress, choreographer, and painter active mainly in the 1930s and 1940s, with her painting career extending well into the later years of her life. Tilly's first marriage, to Edward James in 1934, ended in divorce, and in 1939, Tilly married the Sixth Earl of Carnarvon, "Porchey," and lived for a short time at Highclere Castle in England before also divorcing. The collection consists of incoming and outgoing correspondence, as well as legal documents, banking records, personal memorabilia, diaries, press clippings, photographic portraits, and publicity photos. The Tilly Losch Collection also features a large number of loose sketches, sketchbooks, and over 500 of her paintings. Some of her notable acquaintances include Fred and Adele Astaire, Cecil Beaton, Marlon Brando, Winston Churchill, Cole Porter, and Orson Welles.
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Medical History Collection

This consists of several collections documenting the history of medicine in the Broome County area. Included are:

The Binghamton General Hospital Collection, formerly property of Dr. Dominic Trozze of Binghamton, NY, consists of administrative records from the hospital (c. 1912-1980), historic medical instruments, and thousands of items relating to the hospital's library and nursing school.

The Broome County Medical Society Records and Reference Library consists primarily of materials from the founding of the Society in 1806 through 2000 and contains approximately 400 volumes from the Broome County Medical Society's reference collection and 12 linear feet of the Society's records.

The Wilson Memorial Hospital Collection (1893-1989) consists largely of the files kept by the Hospital Administrators. There is a considerable amount of material regarding the merger of the Ideal Memorial Hospital and Charles S. Wilson Memorial Hospital; and the consolidation of Ideal-Wilson Medical Center and Binghamton General Hospital into United Health Services.

The Dr. Francis Gilroy Papers (1910-2006) are the research materials used by Dr. Gilroy to write his book, "Reflections on Medicine in Broome County."

The Frank Dyer Papers (1900-1950) are the papers of Binghamton, N.Y. physician, Dr. Frank M. Dyer. The papers include items from Dr. Dyer's personal life, his working life as a physician in private practice, and his public life with the Binghamton City Hospital, the Well Water Group, and other civic organizations.

Loften Mitchell Collection

Loften Mitchell, a renowned African American playwright and former faculty member in Binghamton University's Departments of Theater and Afro-American Studies, began donating his papers to the University Libraries in 1980, and he continued to do so until 1985. The Loften Mitchell Collection spans several decades from 1938 to 1985, and includes playscripts, reviews, production notes, lecture notes, personal correspondence, and memorabilia.
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Josiah T. Newcomb Collection

Working papers of the second librarian of Harpur College and Binghamton University, and former Broome County Historian. The papers contain information on the history of both the University and Broome County.
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Peace Action Movement (PAM) Collection

This consists of the Broome County Peace Action (BCPA) Collection and the Greta Lake Collection. In 1987, the two major disarmament groups, SANE and FREEZE, merged and, accordingly, BCNWRC changed its name to Broome County SANE/FREEZE. In 1993, in response to a name change at the national level, the group became known as Broome County Peace Action (BCPA). The BCPA Collection contains the organization's meeting minutes, correspondence, ballot-initiative petitions, photographs, newspaper clippings and newsletters for the past 25 years. The Greta Lake Collection spans two decades (1983-2000) and contains peace action-related correspondence, educational materials, books, newsletters, articles, posters and the research files of Suzanne Geoghegan, a local peace activist. the collection is named to honor Greta Lake, a highly respected founding member of the BCNWRC. 

Molly Peacock Papers

Molly Peacock is an internationally acclaimed poet and the author of six poetry collections including The Second Blush(2006), Cornucopia (2002), Original Love (1995), Take Heart (1989), Raw Heaven (1984), and And Live Apart (1980). She has also written several critically acclaimed books including: The Paper Garden (2012), and Paradise, Piece by Piece(1998). The Molly Peacock Papers contains over 200 linear feet of manuscripts, correspondence, poetry notebooks, photographs, publicity materials, and ephemera.
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Rose Family Papers

Documents and letters pertaining to a family of prominent landowners in Broome County and northern Pennsylvania during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.
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Vera Beaudin Saeedpour Kurdish Library & Museum Collection 

In addition to its clothing and manuscript collections, the recently acquired Vera Beaudin Saeedpour Kurdish Library & Museum Collection contains more than 2000 monographs and journals. The book collection represents a serious scholar's attempts to obtain every title printed about, related to, or containing information about the Kurdish people or their culture. The Vera Beaudin Saeedpour Kurdish Library & Museum Collection contains imprints in several different languages including Kurdish, and a variety of subjects ranging from modern Kurdish poetry to nineteenth century English narrative travel logs to present day studies on human rights and conflicts. The Saeedpour Collection is of interest, not only for its inherent research potential, but also for its efforts to preserve rare and unique printed materials.
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Vera Beaudin Saeedpour Kurdish Library & Museum Digital Collection
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Peter Wexler Collection

Peter Wexler was an acclaimed artist and theatre designer/producer. The Peter Wexler Collection contains materials from his professional career from 1948-1969 and includes programs, reviews, correspondence, production plans and notes, and drawings and prints.
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