Vera Beaudin Saeedpour Kurdish Library and Museum Collection

Vera Beaudin Saeedpour started the Kurdish Heritage Foundation, Kurdish Library and Kurdish Museum all out of her home in Brooklyn, NY in the early 1980s. The Vera Beaudin Saeedpour Kurdish Library and Museum Collection was donated to Binghamton University Libraries in February 2011. The evolution of the library/museum is evident through her correspondences with politicians, universities, Kurdish friends, writers, and people of all different backgrounds.

The collection contains more than 3,000 books, journals and newspapers in Kurdish and other languages. The collection also holds artifacts, costumes, maps, photographs, artwork and other unique materials. Items include a 19th century traveler's account of Kurdistan, 19th century maps, jewelry including necklaces, headpieces, bracelets, and belts, musical instruments and recorded music, as well as weavings, crafts, carpets and other textile art. Saeedpour also established numerous events to celebrate different aspects of the Kurdish culture. Photographs and records from these events can be found throughout the collection.

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