Honors, Awards and Scholarships

Graduation with Honors

Departmental Graduation Honors

Every semester the Department of Mathematics and Statistics grants to some of our best graduating majors a distinction called “honors”. To receive the distinction, a student has to, as a minimum, have at least 3.5 grade point average for the major courses. In addition, a student should either be in a BS program, or, if in a BA program, have a strong record of success in mathematics or actuarial science (like above 3.9 GPA, independent work in mathematics, significantly more coursework in the math courses than what is required by the BA program, significantly more actuarial exams passed than the norm, in the case of a BA actuarial science major, research activities in mathematics, etc). These are just some of the guiding criteria, but the final decision is made by the Undergraduate Committee after careful review of the students' files.

The online form for self nomination will be sent out to all math majors by email. If you are a graduating student who has not received the email containing the link to the self nomination form 4–5 week into the semester, you should make contact with the Director of Undergraduate Studies.

University-wide Graduation Honors

Harpur College students must have at least 48 graded credits from Binghamton University and have no missing grades or Incompletes. In addition, cumulative Grade Point Average requirements:

  • Students with cumulative GPA of 3.85 or greater (on a 4.0 scale) receive the designation summa cum laude;
  • Students with cumulative GPA of between 3.70 and 3.84 receive the designation magna cum laude;
  • Students with cumulative GPA of between 3.50 and 3.69 receive the designation cum laude.

The department also hosts a local chapter of Pi Mu Epsilon, the National Mathematics Honor Society.

Awarding Excellence

In addition to departmental graduation honors, the department grants several awards each year to students who have made outstanding achievement in mathematical sciences. These awards include the following.

  • Award for Excellence in Mathematical Sciences – presented to outstanding graduating seniors majoring in mathematical sciences.
  • Guardian Life Insurance Company of America Award – recognize and reward outstanding undergraduate students who have interests in the field of actuarial science.
  • Helen P. Beard Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Mathematics – established by Gerald Miller '67 in honor of Professor Emeritus Helen Pearl Beard, who retired in 1982 and passed away in January of 2004 at the age of 88. Presented to a junior or senior major who demonstrates qualities exemplified by Professor Beard.
  • Lawrence I. Wilkins Scholarship – awarded to a Harpur student majoring in math with academic excellence. Recipients are selected in the Spring for the following academic year.
  • Miguel Arcones Memorial Award – established in 2013 to honor the memory of Professor Miguel Arcones. Awarded to a graduating senior who has demonstrated academic excellence. Preference will be given to a student in the actuarial program.

Many awards are made possible because of donations from our alumni and friends.