Levin Grant

Saul and Ruth Levin Educational Enrichment Grant

Thanks to the generosity of late Distinguished Professor Saul Levin and that of his family, the Depart-ment of Middle Eastern and Ancient Mediterranean Studies (MEAMS) is pleased to announce the annual Saul and Ruth Levin Educational Enrichment Grant.

2023/24 Application Cycle:

We’re asking for proposals of up to 600 words, due date, Monday, 11-Mar, 2024, applicants to be con-tacted the following April (2024).

Possible and equally valid uses of the Grant (a non-exhaustive list): 

  • Domestic or foreign travel with a self-directed educational focus (keep a journal!) 
  • Research projects involving expenses of whatever sort: travel, equipment, etc. 
  • Off-campus study in the US or abroad 
  • Something else — tell us what you have in mind! 

Eligibility, Timetable for Funded Experience 

Grant recipients must be full-time BU undergraduates majoring in one of three AMS tracks: 

  • Classical Civilization (aka Ancient Mediterranean Studies) 
  • Classics, Greek & Latin (aka Greek and Latin) 
  • Latin 

It doesn’t matter what year you’re in; freshmen are as eligible as seniors. Past recipients are not eligible. Past applicants who are not past recipients are definitely encouraged to apply. The funded experience must be completed before, or at the latest, soon after, graduation.

How to Apply 

Submit a proposal of no more than 600 words, PDF, word doc, or similar. Your proposal must include: 

  • Your name and Bmail, plus date of submission 
  • A descriptive title 
  • A concise but clear explanation of the experience: what you’ll do, how it relates to AMS 
  • An itemized breakdown of estimated costs: equipment, travel, food, etc. 
    • Applicants should not seek more than $5,000 in Grant money. The exact amount of individual Grants will depend on available funds, on the number of Grants conferred at a given time (there could be more than one), and on the nature of individual proposals. Applicants may need to con-sider additional sources of funding.

Email your proposal to ascholtz@binghamton.edu by 11-Mar, 2024. 

Selection Criteria 

In no particular order, selection criteria include: 

  • The strength of the proposal 
  • Its pertinence to the student's major 
  • Feasibility within a stated budget 
  • Financial need (students should certainly feel free to address this) 
  • Academic excellence in the major and generally 

Documenting Expenses, Disbursal of Grant Money 

Those awarded a Levin Grant will be required to present detailed records of Grant-related expenditures before the Grant can be disbursed. Keep all receipts!* 

* In cases of demonstrated need, it may be possible to apply for an advance on the Grant; contact the dept. chair about that.

Levin Event:

Mon, 29-Jan 2024 (time and venue to be announced) 

AMS majors, faculty, indeed, anyone and everyone interested in the Grant are cordially invited to attend a special event dedicated to the Grant and to AMS more generally; that will be Mon, 29-Jan 2024, time and venue to be announced. There will be food and fun! Our special guests will be this year’s recipients, who will share their experiences with you. 

Reporting on the Experience 

Please keep in mind that all grantees are expected to attend the first such event following completion of the Levin-funded experience. That’s so they can share their stories, their impressions, their photos. Grantees will also write up their Grant-related experiences in the form of a report to be shared with the benefactors, who will also receive a thank-you note from each grantee. Report and photos will also form the basis of Levin-Grant publicity — take lots of pictures!

For more information please email Professor Scholtz.