Materials Science at Binghamton University

Materials science is an interdisciplinary field that studies solid matter – bringing chemistry, physics and engineering together to look at how materials can be used to advance our energy independence, medical devices and electronic devices such as flexible electronics.


MS and PhD Degrees
Accelerated 4+1 BS/MS Degree


Spotlight: Andrea Papaleo

andrea Master's student pursues accelerated degree    

Student highlight

Zach Keck

Binghamton University '18, '19
BS in chemistry with materials emphasis
MS in materials science engineering

"The unique MSE 4+1 program allows you to come out of school with an MS in a thriving field in only one year, setting you apart from most entry-level applicants. It's becoming increasingly needed for education higher than the BS level to find a good job, which is the main reason I'm pursuing this degree. The brand-new, state-of-the-art Smart Energy building is where all our classes are, which is an added plus to this program."

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