Materials Science at Binghamton University

Materials science is an interdisciplinary field that studies solid matter – bringing chemistry, physics and engineering together to look at how materials can be used to advance our energy independence, medical devices and electronic devices such as flexible electronics.


MS and PhD Degrees
4+1 BS/MS Degree


Image: Mateusz

  Mateusz Zuba was awarded 1st Place Gold for his submission to the student poster competition at the NY-BEST 2020 Energy Storage Technology and Innovation Conference. Mateusz is an MSE doctoral candidate. The title of his poster was Operando XAS To Illustrate The Importance Of Electrical Conductivity In ε-VOPO4.
 Binghamton University students also took the Silver and Bronze in the competition;
 2nd Place:  Anshika Goel, Binghamton University / Chemistry
Poster Title: Battery 500, Optimization of calcination temperature for NMC9055
3rd Place: Ben Pei, Binghamton University / Chemistry
Poster Title: In-situ Al substitution enhances the electrochemical performance of high nickel cathode material

Student highlights

Zach Keck

Binghamton University '18, '19
BS in chemistry with materials emphasis
MS in materials science engineering

"The unique MSE 4+1 program allows you to come out of school with an MS in a thriving field in only one year, setting you apart from most entry-level applicants. It's becoming increasingly needed for education higher than the BS level to find a good job, which is the main reason I'm pursuing this degree. The brand-new, state-of-the-art Smart Energy building is where all our classes are, which is an added plus to this program."

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MSE Alumni - Where are they now

Haniel Zhang (PhD 2018): Postdoctoral researcher for Pacific Northwest National Laboratory 

Suraj Maganty (PhD 2017): Packaging R&D Engineer - Intel ATTD

Tyler Lawton (MS 2017): Intellectual Asset Analyst - Corning Inc.   

Sandeep Mallampati (PdD 2017): Sr. Engineer - Globalfoundries

Jong Hyun Shim (PhD 2017): Sr. Researcher - LG Chemical

Alex Lambropoulos (MS 2016): Bioprocess Specialist - Pall Biotech

Jin Fang (PhD 2015): Battery Engineer - Plug Power

Liang Li (PhD 2015): Data Scientest - Reonomy

Luke Wentlent (PhD 2015): Process Research Engineer - Universal Instruments

Siyuan Ma (PhD 2015): Materials Engineer - Microsoft

 In The News 

Mateusz Zuba, MSE doctoral candidate, awarded 1st Place Gold for his submission to the student poster competition at the NY-BEST 2020 Energy Storage Technology and Innovation Conference

Nobel Prize-winning chemist M. Stanley Whittingham named to “Great Immigrants, Great Americans” list for 2020

   MSE Faculty affiliate C.J. Zhong elected to the National Academy of Inventors 

  The Binghamton MRS Chapter receive the Peoples Choice Award for their SciVid 2019 Entry!! 

Binghamton University Professor Wins Nobel Prize In Chemistry

 Harpur College physicists team with Georgia Tech on artificial-intelligence project

 Binghamton Researchers Find Better Way to Make Large Lithium-Ion Batteries

 Binghamton University will
acquire a sophisticated new X-ray tool useful in materials research and R&D for
electronics. The $1.75 million system — the third of its kind in the world and the
first outside of Europe

 Binghamton University earns "very high research" status in Carnegie Classifications joining other elite national universities.

  Binghamton University ranks #13 for top STEM Universities in the country by Check out Best STEM Schools to find out why.

MSE Faculty Affiliate Scott Schiffres earns NSF career award: Mechanical engineer looks for alloys to dissipate heat more quickly than materials in current use

 MSE PhD student Marc Francis Hidalgo studies a compound that allows batteries to double their energy capacity

  Distinguished Professor M. Stanley Whittingham receives 2018 MRS David Turnbull Lectureship Award


Exciting new battery research by Associate Professor and MSE Director Louis Piper makes the journal cover of Materials Chemistry A for the Royal Society of Chemistry.