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Nikolay G. Dimitrov




Nikolay Dimitrov's research interests encompasses a large perimeter of studies in the field of fundamental and applied electrochemistry. Our long term focus has been on understanding the growth of metals and alloys at atomic scale and on studying processes of selective alloy dissolution from the stand point of morphological and structural evolution of the remaining substrate. The accumulation of fundamental knowledge in our core areas of interest enables appropriate combinations of developed by us approaches for the synthesis of continuous, nano-sized materials with precisely controlled structure and functionality that makes them a feasible alternative to nanoparticles. Applications of these materials benefit energy sources, instrumental methods and environmental remediation. Aspects of our interest with applied implication are associated with understanding, controlling and improving the reliability of interconnects in products of the electronic industry. Projects entertaining specific components of our research activities are supported by grants from NSF, NYSERDA, NYSTAR (through IEEC-Binghamton) and industrial partners.


  • BS, MS, Sofia University, Bulgaria
  • PhD, Bulgaria Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria

Research Interests

  • Electrodeposition
  • Electrocatalysis
  • Materials Science

Research Profile