Nature preserve encompasses 190 acres of land that includes a 20-acre wetland.

nature preserve species

Amazing array of species

Home to deer, beaver, fox, mink, muskrat, porcupines and other mammals, a diverse amphibian and reptilian population, and over two-hundred bird species, the broadest range to be sighted in any one place in the Southern Tier.

nature lab

Largest and best-used laboratory on campus

Few other schools have such direct, easy access to such a variety of natural systems as found here, making this university a valuable resource for teaching and learning, ecology, arts, literature and outdoor recreation.

nature trails

A number of maintained hiking trails

The Preserve includes a number of maintained hiking trails and a wooden footbridge.

Rules for Respectable Use

The Nature Preserve is closed from Dusk to Dawn. Permission can be obtained for certain activities.

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Research in the Nature Preserve photo

Research in the Nature Preserve

Nature preserve presents several research possibilities on topics like origin of the rock species, ground penetrating radar, soil creep on slopes, snow thickness and refreezing, and storm drainage.

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Friends of the Nature Preserve photo

Friends of the Nature Preserve

The Friends of the Nature Preserve is a group of Binghamton University faculty, staff and students as well as local community members who care about the future of the remaining natural areas on campus as well as in Broome County.

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Mapping the Soundscape photo

Mapping the Soundscape

In Fall of 2022 the Mapping the Soundscape Scholars class began to create an evolving sound archive. Every week hours of recordings were gathered from various locations within Binghamton University's 182 acre nature preserve.