Parking Information

NOTE: Parking Information on the Brochure is Outdated. All Campus day passes are now $6 (all year long) or there is a pay lot (Lot M0) in front of the main entrance to the Nature Preserve.

Weekday parking: There is a paid lot (Lot M0) at the main entrance to the Nature Preserve at the corner of the West Access Road (Top of Lot M) Day Passes for all non-paid lots can be obtained from the Information Booth at the Main Entrance to BU.
Weekend parking: Free in non-paid lots such as Lot M.

More information on Visitor Parking

Present Aerial Map

Aerial view taken in 1999

nature preserve aerial view

Historical Aerial Maps

Aerial map, taken in 1965

1965 aerial map

Aerial view taken in 1937

nature preserve aerial view

The city of Binghamton and surrounding areas were surveyed in 1901 and a topographic map was drawn by J.H.Jennings.

1965 aerial map

We have almost 11 miles of trails.

Trail Lengths (miles):
  • Anthill 1.3
  • Anthill Spur 0.15
  • Connector 0.44
  • Cross Country Ski 0.49
  • Field 0.51
  • Forest Loop 0.90
  • Hillside Spur 0.27
  • Interpretive 0.74
  • Marsh 0.72
  • Oak 0.43
  • Pipeline 0.79
  • Pond 0.85
  • Ravine 0.21
  • Redwing 0.29
  • Ridge 0.17
  • Saddle 0.70
  • Snowshoe 0.57
  • Vernal Pool 0.28
  • Water Tank Spur 0.18