April 18, 2024
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Why I Chose Binghamton University

May 1 is just around the corner and for most high school seniors, that means they’ll have to make one of the biggest decisions of their life: where they will be continuing their education for the next four years.

I’ll be the first to admit that I did not handle the stress of College Commitment Day as well as I could have. I created endless pro/con lists and was anxiously checking how much time I had left to delay my decision.

Thinking back on my collegiate experience, I have no regrets about choosing Binghamton University. This has been the place where I have found my best friends and have gained so much, both academically and beyond. So here are the seven reasons that make me a proud Bearcat and why you should choose Binghamton University on Commitment Day.

1. Student Life and Community

students on an apple picking ride

One of the events that Hillel has done in the past was going apple picking at Lone Maple Farm in Binghamton.

There are countless social, academic, and professional opportunities, found in our hundreds of organizations. Whether it be Fraterntiy and Sorority Life, religious-based groups, or club sports, there is something for everyone. During my time in Binghamton, I was able to find a support system in Hillel, The Panhellenic Council, and Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi. I was also fortunate enough to hold leadership positions in each of these organizations, providing me valuable skills that I will continue to use after I graduate.

2. Academics

Students in class

Binghamton University has some of the highest-ranked programs in the country. The School of Management, our business school, is ranked 28th nationwide. The Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences’ nursing program is ranked seventh in New York State. From a multitude of majors, minors and concentrations, there is a path to academic success for everyone. During my freshman year, I found my original concentration to not be right for me. While I was testing the waters of other departments and majors, I was able to have a great deal of support from the advisors at Harpur Academic Advising.

3. Size

Binghamton students

My friends and I at the homecoming game for men’s soccer during our first semester of freshman year.

Binghamton University is a medium-sized school, making it large enough for you to have plenty of opportunities to meet new people as well as being able to spot a familiar face in the MarketPlace or just walking around the spine! No matter where I am on campus, I always somehow find one of my sorority sisters or a friend from class!

4. Tuition

Admissions Center

One of the greatest points of Commitment Day stress is the price of college tuition. As a New York state resident, I qualify for in-state tuition. However, this does not mean that out-of-state students have an outrageous cost of tuition. The majority of out-of-state students often receive merit-based scholarships as well as qualify for financial aid. Binghamton University is also a part of the Excelsior Scholarship program, a scholarship that makes Binghamton tuition-free for many New Yorkers. If you have difficulty affording tuition, counselors in the Office of Financial Aid can help you find a solution to monetary issues.

5. Campus

Binghamton Campus

Binghamton’s campus is diverse not only in appearance but in the unique features accessible to anyone who visits. From the Union to the Nature Preserve, there is plenty to explore! My favorite spot would have to be the Memorial Courtyard on a beautiful Springhamton day.

6. Athletics

Binghamton sports event

Binghamton University is a member of the Division 1 American East Conference. We have numerous accolades across our 19 teams, as well as enthusiastic student support for all of our athletes! No matter the season, you can often get a free ticket to any of our home games in the Events Center or the various outdoor fields.

7. Location

Students at Sugar Lips ice cream shop

One of my favorite local businesses is Sugar Lips, an ice cream shop in Johnson City.

Binghamton University is located right in the heart of New York’s Southern Tier, making it about four hours at most from the other regions of New York state. Our main campus in Vestal is surrounded by dozens of major retailers, and with OCCT, our student-operated bus system, it’s easy to get any last-minute essentials. The triple cities of Binghamton, Endicott, and Vestal have also become an important part of our university identity. Not only is our College of Community and Public Affairs located in downtown Binghamton, but there are countless amazing local restaurants and businesses run by Binghamton University alumni.

Allison Khin is an intern in the Office of Media and Public Relations and a senior majoring in English rhetoric. She loves scrolling on social media, listening to Queen and watching “The West Wing.”

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