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Recent workshops:

Journal with pen

Topic:  Legacy - A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Personal History

  • Date: 3/7 and 4/4/2023
  • Time: 1:00 PM-2:00 PM 
  • Benet Alumni Lounge in Old O'Connor 
  • Dr. Robert Danberg will help you get started to write an autobiography to be treasured for generations. This is a drop-in workshop and will meet monthly until May 2023. Participants should feel welcome and pick up wherever you like.  
  • Date: 5/4
  • Time: 1:00 PM-2:00 PM 
  • Kenneth Lindsay Room, Binghamton University Art Museum


Topic:  Curb Appeal

  • Date: 3/22/23
  • Time: Noon - 1:00 PM 
  • Benet Alumni Lounge in Old O'Connor 
  • “First Impressions are Everything”. Learn how to create a beautiful front yard landscape that complements your home, is easy to maintain and potentially increases the value of your home.


Topic:  Falls in Older Adults - Risk Assessment and Prevention Strategies

  • Date: 3/29/23
  • Time: Noon - 1:00 PM 
  • Benet Alumni Lounge in Old O'Connor 
  • Raise your awareness to improve balance and prevent fall-related injuries


Topic:  Harpur Jazz Ensemble

  • Date: 4/27/23
  • Time: 1:20 PM 
  • Midday Recital - free admission
  • Osterhout Concert Theater Anderson Center 
  • Come and enjoy the amazing music produced by the Harpur Jazz Ensemble who will perform their big-band repertoire and who frequently appear on and off campus.

oudoor exercize

Topic: Qigong – Intriguing Health Benefits­

  • Date: 5/5/23
  • Time: Noon - 1:00 PM 
  • Art Museum 
  • Use QIGONG exercises to optimize energy within the body, mind, and spirit, with the goal of improving and maintaining health and well-being.

 family tree

Topic: Genealogy – A Librarian’s Carpetbag of Tips and Tricks

  • Date: 5/24/23
  • Time: 10:00 - 11:00 AM 
  • Benet Alumni Lounge in Old O'Connor 
  • Join Jeremy Dibbell as he pulls librarian tips and tricks out of his carpetbag. Discover how to look at research through a librarian’s eye and to keep from being overwhelmed or bogged down.

For in-person workshops, guests requiring a parking pass will receive a parking garage pass at the event. Feel free to bring family members or friends to any of our events.  

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