Committee Operations

The Committee meets multiple times each year.  Members will occationally take a night tour of campus to get a first hand impression of how it feels to be in various locations on the main campus, the ITC, the Downtown Center and/or the Johnson City campus during the night hours, visiting areas of reported concerns.  In addition to its charge, the Committee may receive assignments by the Vice President for Operations. The Committee may make non-binding recommendations, may endorse proposals and support other actions, consistent with its charge.

Recommendations will be submitted to the Vice President for Operations. The Vice President will review all such items and will make appropriate response to the Committee.


Appointed by the President

  • Eric Backlund, Chair - Director, Risk Management and Administrative Compliance
  • Mike Kukawa - Director of Operations, Physical Facilities
  • Anjelica Stanko, Officer, University Police


  • Colleen Hailey - Associate Librarian, University Libraries
  • Kristina Marty - Senior Associate Dean and Professor, CCPA
  • TBD


  • Kelsey Hill
  • Maximilian Kurant
  • TBD


  • Renee Andrews - Project Coordinator, Physical Facilities
  • Tracey Debnar - Assistant Director, Risk Management

Annual Report

The PSAC submits an annual report each year to the President of Binghamton University and the campus community.

2021-2022 Annual Report