Surplus Property

Surplus Property deals with the removal of unwanted equipment and furnishings from many departments and the redistribution of those items to other departments that can use them.

This area of Property Control serves the Campus Community in many ways. We remove unwanted "usable/unusable" equipment and or furnishings, from many departments for various reasons. What happens during or after the removal process is the distribution of "re-usable" equipment. There are many departments in need of various pieces of equipment, and/or furnishings for their areas. The departments contact us and many times we are able to provide what is needed immediately. Other times we take the request and as the equipment/furnishings are received we will contact you, to verify you still are in need, and set up a delivery.

Surplus property that cannot be "reused" on campus will be processed through the New York State Office of General Services. If the equipment was purchased with State Funds, it will first be offered to State Institutions for a period of 7 days. If no one is interested, the property will next be offered to State Municipalities for a period of 7 days. If there are still no takers, the equipment will be auctioned on E-Bay and the proceeds will revert to the State. On the other hand, if the equipment was purchased with Special Revenue Funds (not State Funds), the items will go directly to E-Bay and auctioned for a period of 7 days. In this case, the proceeds will return to the University.

Equipment Status Change

Equipment Status may change for the following reasons:

  • Permanent Disposal – Damaged, Inoperable, Obsolete or no Longer Used by the Department.
  • Permanent Equipment Transfer within the Department but outside the Building.
  • Permanent Equipment Transfer outside the Department.
  • Equipment on Loan to an Individual for Off Campus use.
  • Routinely Transferred – When Equipment such as a Laptop or Projector is Routinely Transported off Campus.
  • Permanent Equipment Transfer within a Department, within the same Building.
  • Lost or Stolen Equipment
  • Trade-in: When existing Equipment is Traded in for the Replacement of New Equipment.

Please complete the Transfer/Disposal of Equipment Form (Form A) when a change occurs.