Surplus Property

Surplus Equipment

The Asset Manager assists with the removal and redistribution of equipment and furnishings which are unwanted but still usable.

Any Binghamton University employee can advertise the availability of surplus State-owned equipment and supplies they no longer have a need for on the Bing Swap site, which can be found Under Campus Life on your page, for other employees’ work-related use.  

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Bing Swap FAQ

Whenever possible, departments are asked retain and list surplus items on Bing Swap as On Campus Listings for at least one week before contacting the Asset Manager to arrange to have them taken to off-campus storage and listed as Warehouse Listings.  If equipment or furnishings listed by a department are requested by another department via Bing Swap, the original department should submit a Transfer/Disposal of Equipment Form (Form A) and may submit a service request for the expeditors to move the items.  Arrangements can be made directly between departments for supplies (generally defined as having a useful life of less than one year) without the need for a Form A.

If an On Campus Listing is not claimed within one week, the listing department may contact the Asset Manager to arrange to have the equipment/furniture taken to the off-campus warehouse.  A Form A must be submitted to transfer the equipment and a service request submitted for pickup of the items.

Surplus property in fair or better condition that cannot be reused on campus will be offered to other SUNY campuses via the SUNY Property Control Coordinators listserv.  Items not claimed within one week are then processed through the New York State Office of General Services. If the equipment was purchased with State funds, it will be offered to State agencies for a period of 7 days. If another State agency does not express interest, the property will next be offered to municipalities for a period of 7 days.  If there are still no takers, the equipment will be auctioned on eBay and the proceeds will revert to the State. If the equipment was purchased with Special Revenue, rather than State, funds the items will go directly to eBay and auctioned for a period of 7 days. In this case, the proceeds will return to the University.

Under no circumstances should State, Research Foundation, or Binghamton Foundation assets be sold, donated, removed from campus, or discarded, regardless of condition, without authorization by the Asset Manager or Research Foundation operations manager.

Email for questions about surplus equipment/furniture.