Board Members

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  • Karen Jones, Vice-President for Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Matthew D. Johnson, Professor of Psychology and Director of Clinical Training

Research Assistant

  • Ashley Harris, Assistant Residential Director, Residential Life

Administrative Assistant

  • Kathryn (Kate) Hastings, Administrative Assistant 2, Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


  • Vacant
  • Brittany Race, Lecturer of Psychology
  • Vacant

Community Member

  • Daniel Chambers, retired SUNY Oneonta police chief who rose through the ranks in the Binghamton University Police Department from his arrival in 1987 to become a deputy chief before leaving in 2012 for Oneonta.

Open Seat

  • Andre Mathis, Reader Services and Student Coordinator, University Libraries


  • Nicole Alfarano, Administrative Assistant, Engineering Design Division
  • Barrett Brenton, Faculty Engagement Associate
  • Diana Castellanos, Associate Director of Student Transition and Success
  • Ramona Mazzeo, College Physician


  • Anindya Debnath, undergraduate student
  • Hannah Jones, graduate student
  • Lucas Martinez, undergraduate student