Summer Send-offs

What are Summer Send-offs?

Summer Send-offs create a wonderful opportunity for Binghamton University's newest students and families to come together and meet other Bearcats from New York or out of state! Make sure to join our Bearcat Family to get email notifications about all of our family events.

Why do we have Summer Send-offs?

These informal gatherings are designed to ease the anxiety of leaving home, foster a sense of community and celebrate being part of the Binghamton University family. They are also a time to get any of those last-minute questions answered before students come to campus!

These events:

  • Connect new students and their families to other incoming students and parents.
  • Connect families within New York state or out of state.
  • Allow new students and families to ask a Binghamton University staff member, alumni and current student or parent questions.
  • Encourage students and their families to have fun and feel welcomed!


Who should attend these events?

These events are for incoming (new and transfer) students and their families.

Is there a cost for these events?

There is no cost for these events.

What is the format for these events?

Parents, families and Binghamton students can all register to join the event. Once together, some simple introductions will be made and one or two hosts will guide the discussion.

I don’t see a link listed for the event I registered for, how do I know how to sign-in?

Once you register for the event, we will make sure to notify you a week prior (to the email you listed on the registration form) with the specific details for online access.

What should I do if I can no longer attend the event?

Please email to let us know.


Email us at!