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Personal Safety Advisory Committee (PSAC)

Emergency Alert System

There is no single communication method capable of reaching 100 percent of the campus community 100 percent of the time. To maximize the ability of reaching the largest possible percentage of people on campus, Binghamton University utilizes multiple methods of communicating emergency information. Available techniques for communicating critical information include the following methods:

Text/electronic messaging

Text messaging allows emergency messages to be sent directly to your mobile device.This service is the only service that requires individuals to register for it. Emergency text messages will not be delivered to people who have not registered for this service. Registration is available to all students, staff and faculty through the BU Brain website.

Outdoor siren

Binghamton University operates an outdoor siren capable of being heard from all outdoor spaces on the Vestal campus. See Outdoor Siren procedures for additional information.

BU Alert line (607-777-7700)

Calling this number will provide a recorded message with updated information regarding all emergency incidents and weather-related information for the Binghamton University campus.

Electronic LED message boards 

The University manages a series of electronic message boards and TV screens that are placed at various locations throughout the campus. Common locations for these types of signs include the entrances to campus as well as dining facilities. These boards may be quickly ‘captured’ and programmed to display emergency messages whenever necessary.

Campus voicemail

All University-owned hard wired phones are capable or receiving voice mail messages. During an emergency incident, a recorded message containing critical information can be distributed to all campus phones.

University webpage

The University webpage is the official site of Binghamton University. This page will contain important information regarding critical incidents.

University cable channel 42

On campus televisions may tune to cable channel 42 to receive important information during emergency events.

University email listservs (i.e., B-Line and Dateline )

The University manages several listservs that may be utilized during emergency incidents. B-Line is the official listserv for students and Dateline is the official listserv for staff and faculty. The listservs may be utilized to provide updates and critical information during emergency situations.

Campus and local television and radio

Binghamton University will continue to work with traditional media outlets to distribute information regarding emergency events and weather cancellations.

Mobile public address systems (vehicle-mounted)

Emergency vehicles on the Binghamton University campus are equipped with public address systems which may be utilized to convey emergency messages when other methods may not be available or appropriate.

See the Binghamton University Emergency Alert Policies and Procedures document for details regarding the use of these emergency communication methods.


Warning siren :

Refer to the Emergency Notification Outdoor Warning Siren page for more details.  

Examples of the warning alert sounds and voice instructions that may be played:

  • Tornado warning
  • Severe thunderstorm warning
  • Flash flood warning
  • Dangerous situation
  • Hazardous condition
  • Urgent emergency announcement
  • All clear
  • Testing

Last Updated: 6/1/21