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Important Program Policies Update (March 18, 2020):

In response to the virus COVID-19, the university has moved all classes online starting 3/19/2020 and required units to cancel most in-person events for the remainder of the spring semester. All previously announced PPL events have been cancelled.

During this time, it is possible to meet with a faculty advisor online, and to declare a PPL major. See information below.

Questions about a specific class should be directed to the faculty instructor. General questions about the program or program policies (e.g., concerning course equivalencies) can be directed to any of the faculty advisors, including program director Prof. Reeves

The program administrative contact is Joy Tassey 

Online Faculty Office Hours

Faculty advisors will be available online through the app Zoom according to the link below. If you are undeclared, and considering declaring, you are encouraged to meet with a PPL faculty member. See also the general registration advice below. If you cannot make faculty office hours, or cannot use Zoom, feel free to be in email contact with an advisor.

PPL Faculty Online Advising Hours SPRING 2020

Major Declaration and Registration for Fall 2020

To declare a PPL Major, please use this form. Your declaration will be processed in one business day.

To drop the PPL Major, please use this form. Your drop will be processed in one business day.

Updates to the PPL course list for Fall 2020 will be available prior to the start of registration, and will be available here

Advice and information regarding Fall 2020 Registration:

  • If you haven’t taken PHIL 146: Law and Justice, you are advised to do so.
  • If you haven’t take PHIL 147, PHIL 148, or PHIL 149, you should consider taking PHIL 148: Medical Ethics or PHIL 149: Environmental Ethics & Policy. PHIL 147 and PHIL 149 will be offered as large lectures in Spring 2021.
  • PHIL 345 is offered every spring semester.
  • If you are considering applying to the Pell Honors Program next spring, you should enroll in a PPL seminar (PHIL 45x courses), if you have not taken one previously.  This will provide you with faculty contact, writing experience, and general preparation important for your application to and participation in the Honors Program.
  • It is also advised that you enroll in smaller seminar-style classes in advance of applications to law or graduate school. It is important to develop faculty contacts for letters of recommendation and the like.

Welcome to the Program in Philosophy, Politics, and Law (PPL) at Binghamton University

The study of the law should be introduced as part of a liberal education, to train and enrich the mind . . . I am convinced that, like history, economics and metaphysics - and perhaps even to a greater degree than these - the law could be advantageously studied with a view to the general development of the mind.
- Justice Louis Brandeis

Law’s influence on our lives is pervasive. It limits and protects us, from before our birth until after we are long dead. Law shapes our lives in every respect: economic, personal, professional and political. To study law seriously, in all its facets, leads far beyond the narrow confines of legal cases to perennial questions of law’s origins, operation and justification. Its study respects no disciplinary boundaries; law must be viewed from many different vantage points. Philosophy, Politics and Law (PPL) is an interdisciplinary BA program designed for both liberal arts and students interested in law school. Though many enter law school, other majors go on to graduate school or pursue professional careers in teaching, business, or government. Courses for the major, selected for their content, include classes in philosophy, political science and history, along with selected cognate courses from other areas. Students are thus able to tailor the major to suit their own interests and needs.

Last Updated: 3/18/20