Binghamton University Philosophy Department

From logic and reason to ethics, politics and the structure of knowledge itself, philosophy is one of the major pillars of civilization. The field encourages us to think deeply, ask the big questions and look at the larger picture. Philosophy majors are also well-prepared to ace the tests needed for graduate, business and law school admission. They also have the highest rate of admission into medical school of any major. Read More. 


Fall 2024 Colloquium Schedule:

SPEL colloquia are held in person at UUW-324 from 2:00 - 4:00 PM (unless noted).

September 6

Michael Otsuka, Rutgers University
*Held in UUW-325

October 18 Jessica Moss, New York University (NYU)
November 8/15 (tbd) Nicolas Garcia Mills, Binghamton University

Fall 2024 SPEL Workshop Schedule:

SPEL Workshops are held in person at the IASH Room, 1st Floor, LN-1106, from 12:00 - 1:00 PM.

September "TBD"
October "TBD"
November "TBD"

Other Conferences/Workshops for fall 2024:

The following events will be held in-person at the University Downtown Center.

November 9

7th Annual SPEL Graduate Student Conference

More Events

Critical Thinking LabHonors Program