Critical Thinking Lab

Binghamton University's Critical Thinking Lab

Located in Library Tower, 1205

What Does the Critical Thinking Lab Do?

We are here to develop your best thinking. You can expect an individualized session with a trained critical thinking consultant for help with any philosophy or argumentative project.

Whether you are a beginning student or advanced, the Critical Thinking Lab can help you with your essays, summaries, formal arguments, in-class writing, speeches, presentations, and application materials. We recognize that critical thinking takes many forms—writing, reading, speaking, listening—and occurs at all stages of the creation process—questioning, analyzing, brainstorming, synthesizing, outlining, articulating, and revising. Visit us, and we'll think about your work together.

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Tutoring Services Include:

  • Taking in-class notes
  • Reading and comprehension for philosophy texts
  •  Earning participation points
  • In-class writing exams
  • Brainstorming paper/project
  • Research and citation for paper/project
  • Raising objections in a paper/project
  • Editing paper/project
  • Preparing for a presentation

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Lab Director

Please email Coleen Watson with any questions.