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Katja B. Kleinberg

Associate Professor

Political Science


Katja Kleinberg’s research investigates the domestic causes and consequences of foreign economic policy. Her main interests concern how economic interests, political knowledge, and group identity shape attitudes toward international trade, foreign investment, and economic statecraft. Her work has been published in International Organization, International Studies Quarterly, the Journal of Conflict Resolution, Foreign Policy Analysis, and elsewhere.

Kleinberg’s current research explores the individual-level dynamics of economic nationalism, focusing on its sources and implications for national policymaking and international relations. She is a Co-PI on the Foreign Policy in a Diverse Society (FPDS) project, which seeks to understand how people from different economic contexts and intersecting social identities engage with global economic affairs. The project is a collaboration with Alexandra Guisinger and Nyron Crawford at Temple University; it is sponsored in part by a grant from Carnegie Corporation of New York. Our team will field a series of public opinion surveys and experiments over the next two years, targeting underrepresented populations as well as a representative cross-section of the US population. Check out the FPDS website for more information about the project and a mailing list.

Kleinberg joined the Binghamton faculty in 2009. She teaches courses on international political economy, commerce and armed conflict, and the politics of economic crisis.


  • MA, PhD, University of North Carolina
  • BA, University of Leipzig

    Research Interests

    • International political economy
    • Public opinion
    • International conflict

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