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Associate Professor Gregory Robinson

Director of Graduate Studies

Associate Professor Seden Akcinaroglu

Director of Undergraduate Studies

Associate Professor Ekrem Karakoc
(607) 777-6151

Political Science Staff

Eric Pritchard
Undergraduate Secretary

Darin Goldenberg
Graduate Office Assistant


Our faculty are experts in their fields, highly published researchers and dedicated teachers whose scholarly interests include:

  • international relations and foreign policy
  • human rights
  • political parties
  • campaigns and campaign finance
  • religion and politics
  • law and courts

To learn more about our faculty’s academic writing, visit Working Papers page.

Seden Akcinaroglu
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Jonathan Krasno

(607) 777-2462


Robin Best

(607) 777-2167
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Ricardo R. Laremont

(607) 777-4809


David L. Cingranelli


Amanda Licht
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David Clark
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Daniel Magleby

(607) 777-6787

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Mikhail Filippov


Wendy L. Martinek

(607) 777-6748
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Benjamin Fordham
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Michael McDonald

(607) 625-4167


William B. Heller
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Gregory Robinson
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 Ekrem Karakoc

(607) 777-6151
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Olga Shvetsova

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Katja Kleinberg
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 Jeffrey L. Yates 

(607) 777-2296
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Affiliated Faculty

Robert Holahan - Environmental Studies

Yoonkyung Lee - Department of Sociology

Solomon Polachek - Economics

Emeritus Faculty

Walter Filley
367 Main St, #32
Old Saybrook, CT 06475

Sondra Koff
505 Standish Drive
Syracuse, NY
315 445-1185
315 446-0185

Don Peretz
1602 A Belmont St, NW
Washington, DC 20009
202 232-8468

Otto Ulc
124 Martha Road
Vestal, NY 13850
607 797-8757

James P. Young
175 Kingsbrook Drive
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Last Updated: 8/3/20