The courses required for admission to medical school are listed below, along with their Binghamton University equivalents. With the exception of English, the remaining coursework is covered on the MCAT. Therefore, you need to complete biology, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, medical anthropology, statistics, and physics prior to taking the MCAT. There are several ways you can create a course schedule in order to complete these course requirements in a timely manner. These, as well as other information, are discussed in the 2020-2021 Freshman-Sophomore Pre-Health Handbook

Online courses: Some ​professional​ schools do not accept online science courses, especially those with online labs. It is the student's responsibility to check the requirements for each school to which they are applying.

Links to individual schools can be found on their association websites: AAMC and AACOM.

Medical School Curriculum Requirements
Course Rubric & Number
Biology (1 year)

BIOL 113 (formerly BIOL 118), BIOL 114 (formerly BIOL 117) and BIOL 115*.

Chemistry (1 year)

Option A: CHEM 104, 105, & 106 

Option B CHEM 107-108

Option C: CHEM 111 and 341 

You must choose among options A, B, and C. You may not switch between sequences.  Be sure to check with your intended major to learn if there is a preferred sequence for that major.

Organic Chemistry (1 year) CHEM 231, CHEM 332 & CHEM 335 (lab)
Physics (1 year) PHYS 121 & PHYS 122 (or PHYS 131 & PHYS 132)
English (1 year) Any course in English (ENG), Rhetoric (RHET), Writing (WRIT), Creative Writing (CW) or Comparative Literature (COLI) departments.
Calculus (1 semester) MATH 224 & 225 (formerly MATH 221)
Since math requirements may vary by school, students should verify admission requirements before applying.
Biochemistry (1 semester)

BIOL 304

BCHM 403 or BIOL 403 (formerly BCHM 302 or BIOL 302)

Statistics (1 semester) MATH 147 or MATH 148 or PSYC 243 or BME 340 (only available to students in the Biomedical Engineering Program)
Psychology (1 semester) PSYC 111
Medical Anthropology
(1 semester)
ANTH 240 (2 credit online course- offered only during the winter & summer sessions)

1. Students who entered BU prior to Fall '18 completed the Introductory Biology requirement with both BIOL 117 & 118. Students who entered prior to Fall '18 and completed both BIOL 117 and 118 do not need to take BIOL 115.

2. BIOL 115 or its FRI equivalent: