Exploring Careers in Law

All students interested in a legal career should meet with the pre-law advisor. In the freshman or sophomore year, stop by the office during pre-law walk-in hours to discuss your interests and the opportunities available to you. 

  • Why go to law school?

    A law degree (J.D.) is a professional graduate degree that enables its recipient to practice law, upon passing the state bar exam and meeting the character and fitness requirement for admission to practice in a given state.

    Attending law school is a personal choice. It is generally a poor idea to plan to attend law school unless one intends to practice law and is committed to and passionate about doing so. 

    Thus, it is crucial to address the question of “Why should I go to law school?” before you apply or even start preparing for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT), and to take time before applying to explore the legal field through shadowing, internships, summer jobs and talking to as many lawyers as possible, including those who became discontent and changed careers. You, and only you, can decide if law is the right calling for you, and the best way to decide this is through practical, hands-on experience and networking with current legal professionals.

  • What should I major in?

    There is no right or wrong undergraduate program that best prepares a student for academic success in law school. Law schools are looking for well-rounded, curious and highly motivated students. Instead, select a major that matches your strengths, values and interests.

  • Exploring law-related careers

    The Fleishman Center for Career and Professional Development has many resources to explore law or law-related careers. These links may be helpful for students who are deciding if they want to pursue a career in law. 

  • Pre-Law listserv

    Email announcements of pre-law events, deadlines, opportunities and issues will be sent out through the pre-law listserv. To be added to the pre-law listserv, submit a pre-professional area of interest through this brief online form. Once submitted, it will take three to five business days for you to be added to the listserv.