Harvey Stenger

February 21, 2018

Dear Campus Community.

Over the past few months our country has begun to confront a pervasive issue that most of us knew existed, yet frequently remained hidden. Sexual harassment and sexual assault are real and serious problems that happen far too often on college campuses and are reinforced by an inherently permissive culture.

If we want to make genuine headway in addressing this damaging culture, people in leadership positions must step up and speak unequivocally in support of survivors of sexual harassment and assault. I intend to do so and call on all members of our campus community to take action as well.

Be upstanders rather than bystanders. If you witness sexual harassment or assault, step up and stop it. For example, if you see someone getting too aggressive at a bar, let security know. Whether on campus or off, there are many ways to report these types of incidents and provide support to survivors. To learn about the range of resources the University has available for survivors of sexual harassment or sexual assault, go online

We all need to be part of the solution. Each of us can begin to make a difference by pledging to create a culture of consent, bystander intervention and survivor support wherever we are.

I want to make this abundantly clear: Binghamton University's commitment to preventing violence and to properly investigating and addressing allegations is unwavering.


Harvey G. Stenger
Binghamton University



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Last Updated: 2/21/18