November 12, 2015

To the Students, Faculty and Staff of Binghamton University,

As we consider the concerns raised at the University of Missouri, Ithaca College, Yale and other college campuses, we must be steadfast in our efforts to ensure that we create and sustain a campus that is welcoming and respectful of all persons regardless of identity.

We work very hard to ensure that Binghamton University is a place where all people are respected, and as a community of scholars, we are committed to open and respectful dialogue regarding inclusive practices for faculty, staff and students. As an institution, we have and will continue to address concerns raised by our students as well as seek new ways to make sure that Binghamton remains a campus where inclusion and equity are among the defining principles of our University.

Since establishment of the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in 2013, we have initiated and implemented the following activities and programs:
• Cultural Competency Training for faculty, staff and students
• Dispute resolution services
• Development of intergroup dialogue courses and expansion of current pluralism courses.
• Launched a search for a director for the LGBTQ Resource Center
• Added and/or transitioned more than 40+ single-stall bathrooms into gender neutral bathrooms
• Support of the Faculty and Staff of Color Association as a new affinity group
• Working with TAN (The Academic Network) to increase and retain faculty and staff of color through revising the search process and developing retention initiatives.
• Collaborative discussions around STEM programs and initiatives and how to increase students of color in the STEM majors and what are the current challenges for students.
• "I AM UDIVERSITY" Project for students to have an outlet to tell their stories.
• Micro-aggressions Project that provides an outlet for students to discuss micro-aggressions in a constructive way.
• Collaboration with Undergraduate Admissions to enhance recruitment efforts for students of color.
• Expansion of the MRC Translation and Interpretation Program among faculty and staff.
• Held first Annual Alumni of Color Reunion during Homecoming 2015.

There is always more to be done and we remain open to your suggestions and to continuing dialogue on this important aspect of our University.

For more information on any of these initiatives or to make suggestions, contact the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at 607-777-4775 or reach us directly at the addresses below.


Harvey Stenger

Valerie Hampton
Chief Diversity Officer


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