Academic Requirements of the Program

The Binghamton University Scholars Program curriculum includes experiences in each of your four years at Binghamton University. For students who wish to graduate early, the requirements can be completed in less than four years but that is not guaranteed. Please note, too, that while Scholars classes often satisfy other general education requirements, there is no guarantee that they will do so for every student. Those courses do count, however, toward the total University credits and remain a requirement for Scholars regardless of whether they meet other requirements. If you do not want to take Scholars classes unless they count toward something else, we strongly urge you to consider whether the Scholars program is the right fit for you and your goals for college.

Scholars are expected to maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25 and abide by the Binghamton University Code of Student Conduct.

Kaiyu Tio '23 in the lab with Professor Davis


The Scholars Program offers a variety of unique courses, including:

SCHL127 - Scholars Cornerstone Seminar is a two credit-hour course, offered only to incoming Binghamton University Scholars, this course will help Scholars get off to a great start at Binghamton University. Students will proceed on a journey that couples navigating college and campus resources with introductions to interdisciplinary thinking that will translate into great success at Binghamton University and beyond. Open only to students enrolled in the Binghamton University Scholars Program. All Scholars take this course in the fall semester of their first year.

SCHL227 - Community Engagement: Where It Starts, How It Works, and Where You Fit In is a two credit-hour course that introduces students to the principles of civic engagement, exploring a variety of strategies to create positive community change. Students critically examine diverse approaches to contributing to civic life, including volunteering, philanthropy, and political engagement, and challenge assumptions of what it means to "do good" in the community.  All Scholars take this course in the spring semester of their sophomore year.

SCHL280/281 - These are four credit-hour subject courses that change every semester and are taught by the best faculty from across the University. Titles vary each semester and will often fulfill some general education requirements. Scholars students are recommended to complete the first SCHL280/281 course in the spring semester of their first year and the second SCHL280/281 course in the fall semester of their sophomore year. Each semester, a detailed list of the upcoming semester's courses will be sent through the Scholars listserv before priority registration.

SCHL327 - Scholars III - Experiential Learning - Scholars III is intended to expand students' perspectives on their education and help define and direct the progression from the classroom to the world of work. Scholars III is an opportunity to explore and reflect critically on one's major field of study from a practical point of view, or to try something new and exciting.  Scholars typically complete the requirements of Scholars III in their junior year.

SCHL427 - Scholars IV - Capstone Learning - During the final undergraduate year at Binghamton University, Scholars complete a capstone learning activity related to their major. Scholars IV is intended to bring together all of the learning accomplished while in college and leverage that learning into a final capstone activity.