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Graduate Program in Psychology

The Psychology Department offers graduate study leading to the PhD with specialization in:

An Integrative Program of Study

At Binghamton University, an integrated approach to graduate instruction in psychology provides all students with exposure to faculty from each of our three specializations ― Behavioral Neuroscience, Clinical Psychology and Cognitive and Brain Sciences. This approach provides students the opportunity to gain theoretical and practical expertise from a number of different perspectives in psychology. Each of the three graduate programs trains students to carry out basic and applied research and effectively communicate psychological concepts.

This preparation enables our graduates to compete successfully for academic appointments, positions at research or clinical institutions, and placements in human services and industry. We take pride in having placed in recent years 100% of our graduates in academic, research, or industrial positions relevant to their doctoral training.

All graduate students in good standing receive tuition waivers and are supported by stipends. An added benefit is the low cost of living in the Binghamton area.


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Last Updated: 8/9/18