Psychology Academic Advising

Meet with us wherever you are!  Schedule through B-Successful and we'll send you a Zoom link. See you online soon!

Our departmental advising office is continuing to use Zoom meetings as a preferred format throughout the spring semester. Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 10am-5pm.

How to schedule an appointment with us through B-Successful (Timetap)

For more information please email us.

We are here in person, so if it is more convenient for you to visit Science 4, Suite 175, please do!

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Registrar's Calendar

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Degree and Course Information

Course descriptions are available in the Schedule of Classes. See our Course Offerings page for information about our projected offerings for future terms. To check what coursework transfers, please see the Transfer Equivalency Table. Students should consult their DegreeWorks audit for more detailed information about their degree requirements. You may also view the requirements for the Psychology major by going to the  University Bulletin.

Looking for information about graduation? For Spring 2023 graduates: be sure to submit your Application for Degree when you confirm your enrollment for your Spring 2023 courses. If you completed your degree requirements in Fall 2022 or Winter 2023, and you wish to participate in the Spring 2023 Commencement ceremonies, or if you plan to walk at Commencement and complete your remaining coursework over Summer or Fall 2023, please check the Commencement Website for more information.

Additional Material for Psychology Majors:

Declaring Your Major

All students enter Binghamton as undeclared, so declaring an interest in psychology on your admissions application does not mean you have declared your major.  Please review the Harpur major/minor advising document and the Harpur information pages on choosing a major to learn more about declaring your major. If you are a STEM major with specific funding requirements, please see our Integrative Neuroscience Advising website

It is important to note that due to significant overlap in course requirements, it is not possible to double major in Psychology and Integrative Neuroscience.

Declaring your major as Psychology can be done at any time. However, you must receive a C or higher in both PSYC 111 and PSYC 243 in order to progress to upper level courses in the major.

To declare your major in Psychology, you must be logged into your browser using your B-mail account in order for the forms to work correctly.  

When filling out the declaration of major form, you acknowledge that you are aware of the requirements for the major and you affirm that you will work to meet the requirements. Declarations are processed weekly and you will receive a confirmation email when your request has been processed.  If you do not continue to make consistent progress towards your Psychology degree requirements, you will risk the possibility of being dropped from the major. 

If you are already declared as a Psychology major but would like to drop the Psychology major, please send an email with this request to

How Do I Add Myself to a Waitlist?

Review these Waitlist procedures to add yourself into a waitlist.

PSYC Major GPA Calculator

Use the PSYC Major GPA Calculator to calculate your major GPA.

*The IN and GPA calculators are located on their respective webpages. 

Transferring Courses to Binghamton?

Use the Transfer Equivalency Table to see how your credits will transfer to Binghamton.

Common Procedures/Questions:

  • How can I get into closed courses?

    First, check whether the course has a waitlist. If a waitlist is available, the only way to enter the course is to add yourself to the waitlist. For more information regarding the waitlisting procedure, please click here.

    If the course does not have a waitlist, you may self-register if a spot becomes available. For closed courses, you should monitor BU Brain closely during open registration periods.

  • Is a course restricted?

    Be sure to check Restrictions for a course by going onto BU Brain and clicking on the course title. At the bottom of the page, restrictions for the course will be listed.

    If a course is restricted, you must meet the prerequisites for the course before you are able to register for the course. If you are having credits for the prerequisite transferred in, but the credits do not yet appear on your Binghamton University transcript, please visit the Psychology Academic Advising office.

  • How can I register for independent study credits?

    Complete the PSYC 397 Independent Study registration form online. You must be logged into your browser using your B-mail account in order for the form to work correctly.

    An email will be sent to the professor supervising your Independent Study, requesting confirmation for the position and for the number of credits you are requesting. Please complete this form carefully. If you would like to register for PSYC 395 Internship in the Psychology Clinic, please use this form and select Professor Harding as the supervisor.

    Note:  Be sure to submit these forms early. Students who want to register for 4 credits of independent study after the add/drop deadline will need to file a late add petition through Harpur and pay the late add fee. See the Harpur forms and petitions information on Late Add petitions. It is possible to register for 2 credits of independent study after the regular add/drop deadline. Please email to request late registration for only 2 credits.You will find more information here. 

  • How can I register for a teaching assistantship?

    Complete the PSYC 391 Teaching Assistant registration form online here. You must be logged into your browser using your B-mail account in order for the form to work correctly.

    An email will be sent to the instructor supervising your assistantship, requesting confirmation for your appointment and the number of credits you will be receiving. Please complete this form carefully.

    Note: Students who want to register for 4 credits of teaching assistantship after the add/drop deadline will need to file a late add petition through Harpur and pay the late add fee. Be sure to submit these forms early.

  • How can I get credits from another institution to count toward my major?

    First, it is important to review Harpur Transfer Guidelines and Policies.

    If courses are listed as transfer equivalencies here they do not have to be reviewed.

    If the course does not show on the transfer equivalency table, please submit a completed course evaluation form  including a detailed copy of the courses syllabus and course description. You can petition for a completed, in-progress or future course to be evaluated. Please complete this form carefully.

    Please be aware that evaluation of these requests can take up to a week or more.

    Students are highly encouraged to petition BEFORE taking courses at other institutions as there is no guarantee that courses/credits will be accepted.

  • How can I get credits from a study abroad program to count toward my major?

    Complete the Petition for Future Course Work to Fulfill Major Requirement form.  You must be logged into your browser using your B-mail account in order for the form to work correctly. Please make sure to attach the course syllabus along with your form. Your submission will be sent to Psychology/IN Academic Advising to be reviewed. Please complete the form carefully.

    Please be aware that evaluation of these requests can take up to a week or more. Students are strongly encouraged to have a course reviewed BEFORE taking courses abroad. There is no guarantee that the courses/credits will be counted toward fulfilling the requirements for your major unless they have been approved by faculty in the Psychology/IN department.

    During this process we encourage you to keep in close contact with the Office of International Education and Global Initiatives as well as the Harpur Academic Advising in order to ensure a smooth pre-departure.

  • What if I need to take an incomplete in a course?

    You must meet with your instructor to determine if you will be permitted to receive an incomplete in a course. An incomplete is warranted when a student has a personal or medical emergency that prevents them from completing coursework.

    We highly encourage students and faculty to use the Incomplete Contract to ensure that all parties know exactly what coursework remains and when it must be completed by. Copies of the contract should be provided to the instructor, the student and the advising office (Science 4, Room 175).

    Please keep a copy of any correspondence regarding special requests for course credit for your records.

Are You A Transfer Student?

We understand that as a transfer student you are coming into a new environment and that you may feel lost initially. The links below will help you access the resources available to you on campus:

More Information

For more information about course registration, graduation/commencement, enrollment verification and the final exam schedule, as well as access to any forms, please see the Registrar's website.

See Harpur Advising for any Gen Ed or Harpur College requirement questions. You may access overload requests, course petitions, transfer petitions and Harpur forms.