Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center (C4)

Named in honor of the former Champlain (Dickinson) and Chenango (Newing) halls, the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center (C4) is shared by both the Newing and Dickinson communities. Each side of the complex is themed to the community it faces. The Dickinson side has a blue color scheme and a fireplace lounge, while the Newing side has a red color scheme and features a large table made from trees taken down as part of the new building. Both lounges have skylights to provide ample natural lighting. They provide space for residents of the two communities to interact in a comfortable, home-away-from-home environment. 

Within the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center

  • An academic center that is accessible from both sides and includes seminar rooms for tutoring, computers, and tables with data/power, and a printing area.
  • The Broome Closet, located in the Newing side, is a music practice room for student use.
  • A community piano, located in the Dickinson fireplace lounge, which can be used with headphones for private practice.
  • Area offices serving the Newing and Dickinson communities.
  • Offices for the Newing College Council and the Dickinson Town Council to organize their events and meetings

There is also a dining hall located on the ground floor of the complex. Newing and Dickinson both have their own entrance to the dining hall. The kitchen and serving area is shared between the two communities and there are two separate dining rooms that can accommodate 400 people in various seating styles. There is a connecting, outside patio that can be accessed from both dining rooms. The kitchen has multiple stations including pizza, deli, pasta, the Mongolian Wok, international, soup/salad bar, grill, entrees, and a breakfast station. The dining hall also has the Kosher Kitchen, which consists of two kitchens in the building separate from the main kitchen.

The Multi-Purpose Room

The complex also has a Multi-Purpose Room (MPR). This is a multi-functional room that can be adjusted to accommodate many needs. The room is comprised of 6 smaller sections with sliding walls that can be opened or closed. Each section has multimedia capabilities and can be combined with other sections for bigger events. The front two sections have a stage and a podium.

MPR Configurations:

  • Banquet Style

    Banquet style that typically consist of the entire room (ABCDEF) with normally 20 groups of two tables and ten chairs. This style can also be in four sections instead of six (ABEF).

    banquet style

  • Conference Style

    Conference style typically consists of two sections (AB or other combinations). It may also be one section with 2-by-2 tables instead of 3-by-3. C and D cannot be combined.

    conference style

  • Lecture Style

    Lecture style typically consists of two or four sections, but can be the entire room (AF or AFBE or ABCDEF). They can be with or without tables.

    Lecture style

Reserve this space

For questions about reserving the MPR or C4 in general, please email or call the Graduate Operations Assistant for Residential Life, Jules Manchester, 607-777-4616.