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Bearcat Co-Rec: Winter Challenge

We are excited to roll out the 2024 Bearcat Co-Rec Winter Challenge! The Winter Challenge is a community versus community event that will start on Wednesday, February 21st, and conclude on Sunday, February 25th. It will feature a combination of physical and mental challenges. If you are interested in participating, please fill out the Bearcat Co-Rec Winter Challenge Interest Form

Winter Challenge Events

Pop-ups: Short riddles are sent to each community over GroupMe by a Winter Challenge supervisor. Deciphering the riddles will give a clue to a specific landmark on campus (i.e. Library Tower, University Union, West Gym, etc.) along with a code word, after which member(s) of each team will race to the location on foot. There will be a Winter Challenge supervisor at each location who you need to tell the code word to to “check in” for that pop-up. Each community will get points based on the order they arrive at the pop-up. Pop-ups will be sent starting Thursday 2/22 through Sunday 2/25 anytime between 6 am to midnight.

Scavenger Hunt: Each community will be provided a spreadsheet on Thursday 2/22 with a list of 50 different items they need to collect before the end of the Winter Challenge on Sunday 2/25. The scavenger hunt items are in the form of photographs that team members must take with their community’s Winter Challenge T-shirt and compile into a Google Drive by the end of the Winter Challenge. Points are awarded based on the values outlined in the Google spreadsheet.

Jeopardy and Kahoot: On Friday 2/23 from 5 pm to 8 pm in Old Union Hall, there will be a challenge featuring  Jeopardy and Kahoot games. Communities will have their team members compete in games with a variety of themes ranging from Binghamton trivia to Disney. Points will be awarded based on how teams perform in each of the Jeopardy and Kahoot games. Chicken tenders, mozzarella sticks, mac and cheese, cookies, drinks, and a nacho bar will be provided for participants.

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Come support your team!

Each of our communities wears a special color for their team: 

Mountainview: purple tshirt; Dickinson: blue tshirt; Newing: red tshirt; Apartments: yellow tshirt; Hinman: orange tshirt; CIW: green tshirt

(Mountainview: purple tshirt; Dickinson: blue tshirt; Newing: red tshirt; Apartments: yellow tshirt; Hinman: orange tshirt; CIW: green tshirt)

If you anticipate a need for disability-related accommodations or auxiliary aids to attend or participate, please contact Residential Life at 607-777-2321 or email ask that you provide us with at least 3-5 days of advance notice regarding your equal access needs.