Student Staff FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about our Student Staff positions. If you have other questions, email

If I will be studying abroad for one of the semesters next year would I still be able to be a CA, SSA, or ApA? 

You can still be considered for a position even if you are studying abroad for one of the semesters!  There is a place in the application to indicate which semester you are planning to be abroad. 

Are we able to choose which community we want to live in as a CA, SSA, or ApA or are we randomly placed?

The Community Assistant and Student Support Assistant positions are placed based on the need in each community.  There is a place on the application to rank your preferences in communities, but we cannot guarantee we will be able to match that when placing you. 

The Apartments Assistant position will only be placed in either Hillside or Susquehanna. If you already know that you only want to live in the Apartments community, you should apply only for that position.

Do only the Live-Student Assistant Positions receive free housing or do the Student hourly positions receive free housing also? 

Only the live-in Student Support Assistant, Community Assistant, and Apartment Assistant positions receive free housing as their compensation.  The hourly positions do not receive free housing but instead receive an hourly wage. 

Are graduate students eligible for Residential Life student staff positions?

Graduate students are not eligible for our live in CA, SSA, or Apa positions. These are only open to undergraduate students.  However, graduate students are eligible for our hourly positions and are encouraged to apply.  

Who can I pull in as a roommate, if given the opportunity?

If you are assigned to a dobule room or suite, you can choose a roommate for your double and/or pull in friends for your whole suite/apartment. You cannot pull in other student staff who receive room compensation. Student staff who receive hourly pay are allowed.

Can I choose which community I want to live in as a student staff assistant?

No, we will need to determine breakdowns based on community metrics so we will place you in the community that needs you.

Will I know where I'll be before housing sign-ups start?

Yes. You won't need to go through the housing sign-up process. We will assign you (and your chosen roommates) a room.

Can I sign up for an hourly position in addition to the staff assistant role?

Yes but be realistic about how much time you'll have outside of class/sports time. Residential Life recommends that you speak to your supervisor if you intend on working more than 5 hours a week.

Who will be my supervisor

RDs will supervise student assistant staff.

What will my work schedule look like?

Work hours are flexible. We will do our best to work around your classes and other commitments.

How does the duty schedule work?

Only Student Support and Apartments Assistants will have duty hours where they will be available to students in the staff building office. Duty typically takes place between 8 p.m. – midnight in a centralized location, with on call availability being from midnight – 8:30 a.m. During weekends (Saturday/Sunday) this extends until 8 p.m. the following day. Work days are determined by professional staff. 

Can I apply to any/all of the positions?

Yes, you will be able to indicate on the application which positions you are interested in being considered for.

Is my application complete once I submit the google form?

Make sure you upload your resume and fill out the questions to complete your application.

Can I apply if I typically have night classes?

Yes, but most positions will involve a level of evening commitment and you may find it difficult to manage the positions if you are taking evening classes every night of the week.

Will I need to go to more than one interview if I'm applying for multiple positions?

No. All interviews will take place over several days (TBD). Depending on the positions you are applying for, you may need to attend multiple sessions during this time.

Will I be notified if I don't get a position?

Yes, we will notify all applicants whether they got the job or not.

Will I need to apply every year?

No, current student staff have a separate process to return. Please note that continual employment is performance-based and not guaranteed and student staff may be placed in different communities depending on resident's needs.