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Mission Statement

The mission of the Binghamton University Scholars Program is to provide incoming students of exceptional merit with a four-year commitment to an intellectually stimulating program of both curricular and extracurricular activities that connect students to each other and the best minds across the University and beyond.



The goal of the Binghamton University Scholars Program is to provide high-achieving students with foundations and opportunities in:

Balance and Wellbeing

Understand the importance of body and mind care, and actively participate in such care to experience the highest quality of life. Develop a positive and productive attitude and consciously do one's very best in all aspects of college and life.

Building Community

Cultivate interactions between students, faculty, staff, administrators, and alumni. Create a community network of social, academic and professional colleagues.

Civic Engagement

Recognize and act on one's responsibility to the community and to the wider local, national, and global society.

Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Understand that new perspectives, performances, and ideas in business, engineering, the arts and sciences can better the world in which we live through innovation and excellence in the workplace; on the stage; in the studio; clinic, or laboratory; and beyond. Work to add to those new initiatives through research, academic efforts, and creative activities.

Diversity of Perspectives

Demonstrate an understanding of and respect for the differing backgrounds of members of the Binghamton University community and the world at large. Understand the differing nature of scholarship and the value of all kinds of learning. Recognize diversity of perspectives as an advantage to learning, citizenship, philanthropy, and work.

Effective Communication

Demonstrate the ability to effectively relate to varying perspectives. Convey thoughts, ideas, and data through a variety of verbal and written means, and demonstrate those skills through presentations, partnerships, teamwork, and collaborative experiences. Write and present professionally for local and national audiences.

Experiential/Active/Applied Learning

Understand that at least as much learning occurs outside of the classroom as inside the classroom and embrace opportunities available outside the more traditional methods of learning.


Cultivate personal, academic, and work integrity. Recognize and act on a sense of honor, ethics, and moral reasoning, ranging from honesty in relationships to academics and professionalism.

Intellectual Curiosity

Continually question, discover, and engage new knowledge. Observe all sides, and understand that there is always more to learn. Strive for mastery in one's discipline, while understanding the ways in which disciplines interact.


Understand the attributes of what makes the best leaders and experience hands-on leadership opportunities. 


Last Updated: 1/8/19