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Scholars Learning Community

If you desire to be part of something, to belong, then you will enjoy our Scholars Learning Community, where you will have the opportunity to live with other Scholars, and to work and socialize with the best and brightest on the planet.


All freshman Scholars are required to live in and participate in the Scholars Learning Community, located in the Newing College residential community (see photos below). Scholars typically live in double rooms (two beds) with semi-private baths in Broome Hall.  Approximately 400 students live in each Newing College building, so there are many opportunities to make connections with both Scholars and non-Scholar students.   Newing College is one of the newest residential community on campus and consists of a Collegiate Center with a modern dining hall, student lounges, student support services, classrooms, co-rec field and more. All freshmen Scholars take a class together, SCHL127 - Thinking Like Leonardo DaVinci, to enhance the Community of Scholars experience. Scholars are also offered academic, social and professional programming within the Learning Community.

Sophomores, juniors and seniors

Non-freshmen may opt to remain living in a Scholars Learning Community cluster with other Scholars of the same year if desired.

Residential Colleges

At Binghamton University, we believe so strongly that you will learn at least as much outside of the classroom as inside the classroom, that our students live in places called residential colleges and, for our Scholars, offer the following benefits, rarely available anywhere else.

  • Collegiate Professors

Each of the six residential colleges at Binghamton University has a Collegiate Professor -- a tenured professor who oversees the learning that occurs in the residence halls. Professor Mark Reisinger is the Collegiate Professor of Newing College and has an office right inside the Chenango Champlain Collegiate Center above the Newing College Dining Hall.

  • Scholars Mentoring Community

Approximately ten sophomore/junior/senior Scholars serve as mentors to the freshmen Scholars and live in the same buildings as other Scholars.

  • Scholars Program Assistants

Each year two or three undergraduate Scholars are hired to assist the Scholars office staff with event planning, assessment, record keeping, advising, publications, media management, alumni relations, and Scholars housing assignments.

  • Scholars Resident Assistants (RA)

All residential communities have students living on each floor called Resident Assistants (RAs). RAs are there to assist fellow students in many different ways. Unique to the Scholars Learning Community is that the Scholars Learning Community has several Resident Assistants who are also Scholars, and will be able to assist with typical student situations, but also have the perspective of what it is like to be a Scholar.

  • Living/Learning Resident Director (RD) and Assistant Resident Coordinator (ARC)

All residential communities have several professionals with a Bachelor's or Master's degree living in each community, called Resident Directors (RDs) and Assistant Resident Coordinators (ARC). RDs and ARCs are there to assist students in many different ways. Unique to the Scholars Learning Community, are an RD and ARC who are dedicated to the concept of the Scholars Learning Community.


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Last Updated: 7/22/19