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Scholars Curriculum Considerations
for Students enrolled in the
First-Year Research Immersion (FRI) Program

The First-Year Research Immersion (FRI) Program is a three-semester, groundbreaking program that gives first-year students the opportunity to combine their academic studies with the experience of conducting real research and investigating important problems that yield publishable results in various areas. 

The FRI Program is not directly related to the Binghamton University Scholars Program. However, certain Scholars requirements are met upon completion of specific FRI courses as described below:

Scholars III Requirement met:  All FRI topic streams require a three-course sequence.  Students who complete all three courses in any of the FRI streams meet the Scholars III (experiential learning) requirement.

To receive credit for Scholars III, Scholars in the FRI Program must complete the following in the same semester in which the third FRI course is taken:

a. Submit the Scholars III Pre-Approval form on B-Engaged prior to the Add Deadline

b. Register for SCHL327 prior to the Add Deadline

c.  Successfully complete the 3rd FRI course in your particular stream

d.  Submit the Post Approval Form on B-Engaged near the end of your third semester.

Delaying SCHL 280 Courses

Scholars enrolled in the FRI Program and taking the required FRI courses may optionally (not required) delay taking their SCHL 280/281 courses for up to one year if so desired. Therefore, instead of taking SCHL 280/281 courses in the second and third semesters, FRI Scholars may delay taking their SCHL 280/281 courses until their fourth and fifth semesters if desired.  Scholars in the FRI Program MUST request permission from Professor Ziegler (by email) to delay meeting the SCHL 280/281 requirements.  All other Scholars Program requirements must be fulfilled on time

Last Updated: 2/6/20