Field Instruction

Important Annoucement for Field Instructors & Students Affected by COVID-19 Related Agency Closures/Health & Safety Concerns:

Field education is the signature pedagogy of social work education. To this end, licensing boards and the accrediting body of all social work programs in the United States, agree that there is no way to substitute direct client contact.

As a field office, we have developed ways to supplement in-person field placement hours via remote access in the event of agency closures or health issues or concerns.  Our hope is that supplemental hours will be used as a last resort by students and agencies.  In order to use these supplemental hours, a plan between the field instructor, student and field office must be developed by filling out the form below.  The duration of these plans shall be for no longer than 30 calendar days. 

Please find the Remote Activity Plan via the link below:

Field Placement Remote Activity Plan  
For SW 591 and SW 592, please submit your plans to John Vassello

For SW 593 and SW 594, please submit your plans to Maria Gordon

Field education is the signature pedagogy of social work programs.

Through close working relationships with a broad range of agencies within a 100-mile radius of Binghamton University, the Department of Social Work demonstrates its commitment to the community by dedicating service to various populations. The MSW program helps to define and meet the needs of individuals, groups, families, organizations and communities, while providing students with opportunities to explore interests and develop skills.

Field instruction begins with the development of a generalist foundation of social work theory and practice, then continues with advanced generalist training. In both levels, students complete 510 hours in the field, in field placements coordinated by the field education staff. Students earn eight academic credits and spend 15 field hours per week for 34 weeks over two semesters at an agency, for a total of 16 academic credits and 1,020 field hours in two agencies over the course of the MSW program. Students are expected to fulfill their field hours on two weekdays, during regular field agency hours, under the supervision of a licensed MSW-level field instructor. Both full-time and part-time students are expected to adjust their schedules to meet the field hour requirement.

2019-2020 Field Assignment Calendar 

For field instructors

Tools used in field instruction

For generalist year MSW students and field instructors

For advanced generalist year MSW students and field instructors