Binghamton University Sociology Department

Sociology major takes aim at drug addiction and criminal justice system

Sociology student Hannah Walter's research examines the relationship between drug addiction and the criminal justice system. To Hannah Walter, making a global impact is more than just thinking internationally. It starts with solving local problems first.


Sociology is the study of society. Our program places the study of local communities in the context of the long and global history of capitalism. We illuminate how social problems of our day, such as climate change, human trafficking and incarceration, relate to broader social forces. We reveal how labor, feminist, LGBTQ+, anti-colonial, racial justice and anti-neoliberal movements resist the structures of power.


Department Kudos

  • Toivo Asheeke, PhD won BU's 2018 Distinguished Dissertation Award in the Social Sciences.
  • Doctoral Candidates, Roberto Ortiz and Kevin Revier both received the 2019 Graduate Student Excellence Award for Excellence in Research.
  • Doctoral Candidate, Sung Hee Ru, won the 2018 best graduate student paper award from NYS Sociological Association.
  • Prof. Josh Price: favorite professor of the class of 2019.
  • Doctoral Candidate Michael Stephens received a Fulbright Fellowship to conduct doctoral research in Colombia during the 2019-20 academic year.
  • Doctoral Candidate, Huahsuan Chu received the 2018 Taiwanese Overseas Pioneers Grant of $30,000 for PhD Candidates from the Ministry of Science and technology of Taiwan.