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Pierce Dignam is a sociologist who studies the intersection of social movements, masculinity, collective identity and politics in the digital age. His work has focused on the social movement dynamics of male-supremacist spaces on Reddit, the Trump campaign’s working-class appeals and Trump supporters' cultural understandings of masculinity and anti-establishment politics. He has also investigated how online news comment sections work to maintain a connection to political narratives over time for their users. 

His research has been published in Race, Gender and Class, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, Social Currents and Men and Masculinities. He is also a co-founder of the Institute for Research on Male Supremacism, a feminist organization devoted to analyzing the global rise of male supremacist movements, and he has worked with non-profit organizations to perform both qualitative and quantitative analyses of unique datasets related to contemporary social problems.


2021: Dignam, Pierce, Douglas Schrock, Kristen Erichsen, and Benjamin Dowd-Arrow. 2021. “Valorizing Trump’s Masculine Self: Constructing Political Allegiance during the 2016 Presidential Election.” Men and Masculinities, 24(3): 367-392.

2020: Erichsen, Kristen, Douglas Schrock, Pierce Dignam, and Benjamin Dowd-Arrow. 2020. “Bitchifying Hillary: Trump Supporters’ Vilification of Clinton during the 2016 Presidential Election.” Social Currents, 7(6):526-542.

2019: Dignam, Pierce, and Deana Rohlinger. 2019. “Misogynistic Men Online: How “The Red Pill” Helped Elect Trump.” Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society, 2019.

2019: Rohlinger, Deana, Jenny Davis, Pierce Dignam and Cynthia Williams. 2019. “Dynamic Perspectives on Media and Information Technologies.” Information, Communication and Society 22(5) 583-589.

2018: Schrock, Douglas, Alexander Adams, Ryan Bausback, Pierce Dignam, Benjamin Dowd-Arrow, Kristen Erichsen and Haley Gentile. 2018. “Trumping the Establishment: Anti-Establishment Theatrics and Resonance in the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election.” Race, Gender and Class 25(3/4):7-26.

2017: Schrock, Douglas, Benjamin Dowd-Arrow, Kristen Erichsen, Haley Gentile and Pierce Dignam. 2017. “The Emotional Politics of Making America Great Again: Trump's Working Class Appeals.” The Journal of Working-Class Studies 2475-4765. 2. 5-22.


  • PhD, Sociology, Florida State University
  • M.S, Sociology, Florida State University
  • B.A., Sociology and Women’s and Gender Studies, University of South Florida

Research Interests

  • Collective behavior and social movements
  • Digital sociology
  • Masculinity
  • Political sociology
  • Qualitative research methods

Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae