With customizable resources, the Binghamton University School of Management Career Services office is equipped to meet the needs of students on their path to becoming business professionals. 

Working with SOM Career Services allows you to increase your company’s visibility and build a pipeline of talented students. We are dedicated to providing you with a full range of services to support  your recruitment initiatives, and encourage you to engage with students throughout the year, both on and off campus.

If interested in any of the opportunities listed below, please contact the SOM Career Services Director of Internal Operations or one of our Career Advisors.

Employer Engagement and Recruitment Opportunities

During both the fall and spring semesters, SOM Career Services hosts Career Week, which is full of key networking and recruiting events that allow you to meet a diverse population of students.

Job and Internship Fair

Facilitated by Binghamton University’s centralized career office, the Fleishman Center, the job and internship fair brings students of all majors and class years together. Learn more here.

Big 4 Night

Hosted by Beta Alpha Psi, meet over 100 students during an evening of networking. Big 4 Night is a great opportunity to meet talented students interested in working in audit, tax, finance, business advisory, technology and other professional services. No cost to employers. Contact Beta Alpha Psi at bap.thetarho@gmail.com

Midsize Night

Hosted by Beta Alpha Psi, meet over 100 students during an evening of networking. Attendees include small and midsize public accounting firms, private industries and government agencies. This is a great way for students to get to know your firm and the benefits of working at a midsize firm. No cost to employers. Contact bap.thetarho@gmail.com.

Rise Against Hunger

Hosted by Alpha Kappa Psi, network with students in a collaborative environment, packing meals for Rise Against Hunger. The international hunger relief organization distributes food and life changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable people, and mobilizes the necessary resources to end hunger. No cost to employers. Contact Alpha Kappa Psi at brothers@binghamtonakpsi.org

Accounting Color Wars

Hosted by Alpha Kappa Psi, this event includes a series of  team-building activities designed to spark creativity, innovative thinking and problem solving skills. Firms and students are assigned to teams and work together on assigned tasks such as riddles, business pitches, trivia and other team-building games. This event is both a platform for casual networking and an opportunity to showcase hard and soft skills. Contact Alpha Kappa Psi at brothers@binghamtonakpsi.org

Ignite Competition

Hosted by the PwC Scholars program, Ignite is an innovative recruiting event. Putting a new spin on the traditional recruiting process, students and professionals interact through a set of fun games and challenges. Recruiters are able to observe soft skills such as communication, critical thinking, and teamwork while taking part in a series of problem-solving challenges and games. All proceeds go to the annual PwC Scholars community service project. Contact PwC Scholars at pwcschlr@binghamton.edu.

Diversity Panel

Hosted by Ascend, the largest, non-profit Pan-Asian organization for business professionals, this event invites you to join the conversation about diversity in the workplace. A panel of professionals speak about their experience as a minority in the professional world, the intricacies of diversity in the workplace, and how race and culture have played a role. Networking between students and professionals follows the panel discussion. No cost to employers. Contact Ascend at ascend@binghamtonsa.org 

Career Secrets Panel

Hosted by Alpha Kappa Psi, upperclassmen share their career experiences and advice to underclassmen. A networking portion will follow the panel discussion. No cost to employers. Contact Alpha Kappa Psi at brothers@binghamtonakpsi.org.

Employer Networking Night

Hosted by Beta Alpha Psi, this event brings together students and employers to discuss the various opportunities within your company. The event allows you to get in front of a wider audience of students, educate students about the unique aspects of your company, and promote your full-time positions and summer internship opportunities. No cost to employers. Contact Beta Alpha Psi at bap.thetarho@gmail.com.

Additional engagement opportunities

Post jobs and internships

Employers can post job and internship positions by connecting with hireBING by Handshake, Binghamton University’s internal platform for college recruiting. 

Handshake’s career management system allows you to:

  • Post a part-time, full-time job or internship opportunity
  • Post a work-study job
  • Schedule interviews with students who wish to join your company/organization
  • Register for career fairs and request information sessions

Create your account at this link.

Student newsletter and job/internship calendar

The School of Management’s Career Services office is happy to help you promote your postings through our communications with students. We can include in our weekly student newsletter, as well as in our job posting and deadline calendar. 

Information sessions, professional development workshops, events

Strengthen your brand and get to know students by collaborating with our student professional organizations. Host professional development workshops, case competitions, information sessions, and other unique events. 

The primary purpose of an information session is to put a spotlight on your organization, and is a great way to talk about your operation and goals, as well as share job/internship opportunities.   

Events are another great way to promote your organization, and meet with Binghamton students. Examples include professional development workshops, lunches or breakfasts, case competitions, mock interviews, resume reviews, and excel workshops.

The School of Management Career Services office can help you set up events, with the assistance of our professional organization executive boards.

See a full list of our professional organizations here.

Employer Treks

Employer treks provide students with opportunities to engage with business leaders, learn about different industries, and build their network. Employers are able to meet talented students, discuss career paths, company cultures and industry expectations. 

Treks can be an hour to two and can include company presentations, expert panels, case question practice, networking, Q&A and facility tours. Binghamton University offers treks in Metro New York, Washington DC, Boston and the West Coast. 

If you are interested in hosting a visit please contact hirebing@binghamton.edu

Classroom presentations

Connect with students in the classroom! Professionals can offer valuable knowledge and experience to students by discussing their professional experiences and sharing expertise on a topic covered in the class. Presentations are dependent on the curriculum established by faculty and their availability. Contact somcs@binghamton.edu

On-campus interviews

Connect with top talent on-campus. We coordinate the scheduling and campus interviews. Employers can request and manage on-campus interviews through hireBING. Our Employer Services team will promote your opportunity, provide résumés, schedule interviews and reserve a private interview room in our employer interview suite at no cost. On-campus recruiting for the fall runs from early October to mid-November. On-campus recruiting in the spring runs from mid-February to mid-April. Contact hirebing@binghamton.edu.

Virtual presentations

Can’t make it to campus? We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology that allows you to interview students and conduct virtual presentations remotely. Contact somcs@binghamton.edu.

Coffee chats

Schedule coffee chats with individuals or groups of students, or collaborate with a student organization. Coffee chats are a great way to connect with students in a more informal setting. Have coffee with students who just drop in to find out more about your company and application process, while building your brand on campus. Contact somcs@binghamton.edu

Office hours

Conduct office hours on-campus as a way to meet student and share information on your company. Contact SOM Career Services at somcs@binghamton.edu.