Services for Students with Disabilities


 Before denying an accommodation, please consult with Services for Students with Disabilities. There may be some accommodations which do not apply, or new accommodations due to the online platform. Testing accommodations are required in the online environment and must be provided. 

Authorized testing accommodations in an online environment.

  • Extended time: Any student with this accommodation is entitled to the extended time in the online environment.
  • Breaks during testing. The easiest way to accommodate that is to add the break allotment to the total test time.

We appreciate your cooperation, adaptability and continued adherence to ADA law on behalf of students with disabilities.

Please call or email SSD at (607) 777-2686 or email at if you have any questions.

Extending Test Time on MyCourses

  1. Next to the test name, there is a drop-down menu. Left click on the drop-down menu and click "Edit Test Options".
  2. Under "Test Availability" in the "Set Timer" section, click the box, and set a time for exam for students who do not require extended time (example: 60).
  3. Under "Test Availability Exceptions", click "Add User or Group". This step will show all students registered in the course. Select the student for which you need to extend the test time. Click "Submit".
  4. There will be a check-box that shows the test was already set to 60 minutes. Here, you can manually change the time for the selected student (example: 60 to 90 minutes). Click "Submit" at the bottom of the page.

Screen Shot of how to Extend time in MyCourses

FACULTY: Providing Extended-Time using Top Hat

  • For faculty using Top Hat please see the link below to provided extended-time for students registered with Services for Students with Disabilities. 
  • Top Hat recommends that professors utilize option one.
  • Top Hat link to provide students extended time


In an effort to offer continuing support to you while also minimizing risks, we would like to make you aware of updates to our usual operating procedures:

  1. Staff will continue to be available via email and phone during normal operating hours, Monday-Friday from 8:30-5:00, whether working from the office or remotely.  
  1. Please DO NOT COME IN PERSON TO THE SSD OFFICE.  Please contact SSD via email at ssd@binghamton.eduor via phone at 607-777-2686 with any questions or concerns.

  2.  All scheduled and future meetings will be done via Zoom.    You can sign up for a Binghamton Zoom account at link to Zoom.  Alternative methods of meetings could be arranged if necessary based on individual circumstances, though in person meetings will be avoided.

We want to assure you we will continue to be a support for you during these fluid circumstances, and will keep you updated with any other changes.

Welcome to Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD), an office within the Division of Student Affairs. Binghamton University has a long history of commitment to providing access for individuals with disabilities. SSD is the appropriate entity on campus to determine and authorize reasonable accommodations. As partners in access,  we work with students, faculty and staff to facilitate an accessible and inclusive campus.

Students who register with SSD interact with a highly qualified and dedicated staff who partner with them in the determination and arrangement of reasonable accommodations and support services designed to facilitate their participation and engagement at Binghamton University.

We invite you to contact us with any questions you may have.

  • Phone : 607-777-2686 (Voice, TTY)
  • Fax: 607-777-6893
  • Email:
  • Office Location: University Union, Room 119