Assistive Technology

Binghamton University has a variety of assistive technology available for use by students with disabilities. Students authorized for adaptive technology will be provided the necessary training.

Services for Students with Disabilities provides a wide range of adaptive technologies that include:

Read & Write

  • All students with a email address are eligible to access Read & Write.  
  • Read & Write is both web-based and has a similar desktop version to allow students to access their books and documents from anywhere. 
  • Allows students to hear text read aloud. Read & Write works with various document types including PDF, Word documents, EPUB, Google documents and other file formats. 

  • Mac and PC version available.

Read & Write Training Information

Read & Write will require that you install it either as an extension on Google Chrome or as an application on your Windows PC or Mac computer. Below are links to video instructions. 


  • Screen-reading software designed for use by blind and visually impaired students.

CCTV magnifier

  • The device that allows for magnification of reading materials

Portable Assistive Listening Units

  • An instructor’s voice can be amplified for a student with a hearing impairment through the use of a lapel microphone, transmitter and receiver.

Smart Pens

  • A digital note-taking tool that allows you to record and play back everything you write and hear.

  • For helpful information about smart pens please visit the SSD YouTube channel

Note Taking Express 

Pebble portable magnifiers

  • The portable device that allows for magnification of reading materials.