Assistive Technology

Binghamton University has a variety of assistive technology available for use by students with disabilities. Students authorized for adaptive technology will be provided the necessary training.

Services for Students with Disabilities provides a wide range of adaptive technologies that include:

Kurzweil 3000/Firefly

  • All students registered with SSD are eligible for Kurzweil 3000. If you are interested in receiving a username and password to use Kurzweil 3000/Firefly, contact our office.
  • Kurzweil is a web-based educational software that allows students to access their course books and documents from anywhere.
  • Allows students to hear text read aloud. Uploads and reads documents in PDF, MS Word, EPUB and other file formats.

  • Mac and PC version available.

  • For helpful information about Kurzweil please visit the SSD YouTube channel 


  • Screen-reading software designed for use by blind and visually impaired students.

CCTV magnifier

  • The device that allows for magnification of reading materials

Portable Assistive Listening Units

  • An instructor’s voice can be amplified for a student with a hearing impairment through the use of a lapel microphone, transmitter and receiver.

Smart Pens

  • A digital note-taking tool that allows you to record and play back everything you write and hear.

  • For helpful information about smart pens please visit the SSD YouTube channel

Pebble portable magnifiers

  • The portable device that allows for magnification of reading materials.