Surface Mount Assembly and Reliability Testing (S.M.A.R.T) Laboratory

The following equipment is available for research and prototype development.

Speedline MPM - Stencil Printing MachineSpeedLine MPM - Stencil Printing Machine

The SPM is a very accurate stencil printer built for precision batch printing and prototype work. The standard magnetic tooling and PC-based control system allow for quick changeover and maximum flexibility. There are also several options that turn the base SPM into an ultra-fine-pitch printer with capabilities similar to those of more expensive automatic printers. 

Automatic Dispensing MachineAutomatic Dispensing Machine

The automatic dispensing machine is a stand-alone liquid dispensing system for applications in surface-mount assembly and semiconductor packaging, industrial or automotive assembly, gasketing, research and development, process calibration and low-to-medium production. This 1818 CAMALOT dispensing system is an ideal platform for research and development labs.

Heller 1700W Reflow OvenHeller 1700W Reflow Oven

Heller reflow ovens are used in soldering the surface-mount components by passing PCB assemblies on conveyor belts through a controlled, varying-temperature environment. It provides more efficient heat transfer from extra-high-volume, high-velocity, heating modules, producing temperature gradients of less than 2 Centigrade throughout the oven.

Fein Focus X-ray InspectionFein Focus X-Ray Inspection

Equipment x-ray microscopy, a non-contact, non-destructive inspection method, reveals the interior details of components with high definition. The high clarity of an x-ray microscopic image of the inside of materials, components and assemblies provides reliable diagnosis and rapid detection of the causes of flaws.

Brookfield ViscometerBrookfield Viscometer

Brookfield's employs a spindle immersed in the fluid sample to sense torque resistance when running at constant speed, giving the viscosity value online. It is used for the measurement of viscosity of solder paste, adhesives and underfill.

Ecosphere Environment ChamberEcosphere Environment Chamber

The ecosphere environmental chamber is a temperature- and humidity-control chamber used for moisture sensitivity analysis for non-hermetic devices. Microprocessor-based ramp control provides uniform and accurate temperature and humidity.

CLS 500 RheometerCSL2 500 Rheometer CSL2 550

The rheometer is used as a characterization tool to analyze visco-elastic materials used in electronics packaging including solder paste, epoxy underfills and conductive adhesives. Relationships between rheological properties and the actual performance parameters of a material are used to improve the existing formulations.

M8-AN Flip Chip BonderM8-AN Flip Chip Bonder

The M-8AN Flip Chip Aligner Bonder is a microprocessor-controlled visible-optics system that permits rapid, repeatable alignment and bonding of a flipped die to a substrate. The M-8AN accommodates a variety of contact pads and can be programmed to use any combination of pressure, substrate heating and die heating (optional) to make reliable contacts.

Sonix Acoustics Scanning MicroscopeSonix Acoustics Scanning Microscope

Scanning acoustic microscopy is used for non-destructive views of internal discontinuities. Defects such as cracks, delaminations and voids are easily spotted using SAM. Acoustic microscopy detects the failure as well as indicates the source of the problem.

Reflex Coordinate Measuring MachineRefleX Coordinate Measuring Machine

The refleX coordinate measuring machine features a lightweight, tabletop and bridge-type design with removable granite support. This machine is designed to accommodate moderate-sized work pieces with an economical table-mounted unit.