Staff Recognition


Every day, we work together as a team to serve our students and perform countless acts that make this University thrive. Our busy schedules often leave little time to sit back and reflect on the work we appreciate from our colleagues. Every day, there are things to be grateful for in one another. We like to cultivate a culture of gratitude at Binghamton University. Feel free to use the following methods, in addition to your own, to recognize the contributions and accomplishments of your coworkers.

Gratitude notes

Gratitude notes can be found in Student Affairs offices around campus. To participate, take one of the sticky gratitude notes, and write down the things for which you are grateful as you notice the fine work of your colleagues. Give the note to the person; leave it on their desk, in their mailbox or on their door. Tell your coworkers, in writing, that you appreciate what they do.

If you would like gratitude notes in your office or need a refill, email

Digital gratitude notes

Want to send an electronic version of our gratitude notes? Download this auto-fill pdf file, fill it out and email it to your colleague!

Bearcat Recognition

Gratitude Notes are great for those everyday things that we just want to use as a quick way to show our appreciation. For recognition of larger accomplishments and contributions, consider nominating a coworker for Bearcat Recognition. Simply fill out the form below, and Baxter will present them with a certificate of recognition at a recognition ceremony, thanking the individual(s) for their contributions to the Binghamton University community.

Nominate a colleague for Bearcat Recognition

Award database

The Student Affairs Staff Recognition Committee is currently developing a database of institutional, regional, and national awards along with the associated deadlines for nominations. The committee will make efforts to encourage appropriate supervisors to nominate qualified programs, offices and individuals for these awards. Additionally, if you or someone in your office has received an award, email We would like to recognize your accomplishments on the Student Affairs website and at the next divisional meeting.