Office of Student Conduct

Campus Activities at Binghamton University promotes student engagement through events and programs that help build skills, social responsibility and self-awareness in an inclusive, diverse environment. We work closely with student organizations to help plan and develop activities while providing skill-based employment opportunities.


Our Mission

The Office of Student Conduct works collaboratively to create a safe and civil learning environment by offering multiple pathways to address student behavior. We strive to provide an unbiased, transparent and timely process that is developmental and holds students accountable while compliant with government mandates.

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The Office of Student Conduct is a member of the SUNY Student Conduct Institute. For more information and available training materials, visit the Student Conduct Institute website.

The Office of Student Conduct is part of the Offices of the Dean of Students. Find out all we do to support students both personally and academically.

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collaborative activities that support campus well-being.

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