Student Conduct Sanctions

Sanctions are intended to stop inappropriate behavior and deter any subsequent violations. To restore community, sanctions will be appropriately tied to the offense and tailored to repair actual harm done. Sanctions may include revocation of campus privileges, restitution, community service, educational projects and/or other appropriate assignments. More specific information about sanctions is available by reviewing the Sanctioning Guidelines.

Administrative Hold

The Director of Student Conduct will place an administrative hold on a student's University records when the student fails to complete sanction(s) by the assigned deadline. The hold will remain in effect until all assigned sanction(s) are completed.

Disciplinary Warning

Disciplinary warning is an official acknowledgment that rules have been violated. Warnings are for a designated period of time and include the probability of more severe disciplinary sanctions if the student is found responsible for further violations of the Code of Student Conduct while on warning. At the discretion of campus offices and programs, students on warning may be ineligible for employment and/or participation in certain campus programs.

Disciplinary Probation

Disciplinary probation is a serious and active response to a violation of rules and may include educational sanctions or other requirements as a term of the probation. Probation is for a designated period of time and includes the probability of more severe disciplinary sanctions if the student is found responsible for further violations of the Code of Student Conduct during the probationary period. While on probation, students may be ineligible to receive certain University awards or scholarships. At the discretion of campus offices and programs, students on probation may be ineligible for employment and/or participation in certain campus programs.

Loss of Visitation Privileges

Loss of privileges is the loss of specified privileges such as use of a particular facility, visitation to a residence hall, housing priority, contact with an individual or other privileges for a designated period of time.

Educational Projects and Community Service

These sanctions involve the completion of projects, assignments, essays, service to the University, facilitation of or participation in programs or other related assignments.


Restitution may include payment to an individual or to the University to cover the cost of damage, destruction, defacement, theft or unauthorized use of property. It may also include payment for medical bills not covered by insurance.

Relocation or Removal from Housing

Relocation is the reassignment of a student from one living space to another. Removal from housing is the removal of a student from all University-operated housing. Relocation and removal from housing are usually accompanied by loss of visitation privileges to specified residential areas, and are imposed for a specified period of time.

Final Probation

Final probation is imposed only in very serious cases or cases where students are currently under a significant sanction. Final probation may include removal from all University housing and loss of visitation privileges to buildings or areas of campus and is imposed for a specified period of time. Students found responsible for any further violation of the Code of Student Conduct while on final probation may be suspended from the University.


Suspension is the separation of the student from the University for a definite period of time, after which the student is eligible to return. Conditions for readmission may be specified. Students who have been suspended may not be on campus without specific, written permission of the dean of students.


Expulsion is the permanent separation of the student from the University. Students who have been expelled may not be on campus without specific, written permission of the dean of students.


Note: Recommendations for final probation, suspension or expulsion from
the University are forwarded to the dean of students, who is the president's
designee for final action.