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Research Assistant for Modeling Microorganism Swimming


We are looking for energetic undergraduate researchers to participate in the research on theoretical modeling of microalgae swimming. The project will explore the trajectories of swimming microalgaes and its surrounding flow field using reduced order models. The students will assist with performing simulations and analyze data using MATLAB.

Preferred Qualifications: Strong background in math and physics and notable experience in programming are required. Coursework in partial differential equations and fluid mechanics are desirable.

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Xin Yong

Academic Department: Mechanical Engineering


Classification: Volunteer

Position Availability:

  • Summer


  • Junior

Appropriate Major(s):

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Math
  • Physics

Minimum GPA (if applicable): 3.3

Pre-requisite coursework/experience:

Application Deadline:

Application Procedure:

Please send an email to Dr. Xin Yong at explaining why you are interested and applying for this position, stating your major, GPA, and anticipated date of graduation. A resume and unofficial transcript would also be useful.